Monday, November 24, 2014

First ever ART ADOPTION!

Each painting is like a child to me and when I think of selling them its more like I think of them going to new homes where they will be loved. This painting is looking for a new home so I thought I would try something art adoption. 

This piece is up for adoption today:

Night Blooms
24 x 30 inches
original mixed media on canvas

Here is how it works: Simply email me your bid and tell me in a few lines about what this piece says or means to you and why you would love it. From those emails I will choose a winner, or should I say a new home for this painting. Shipping will be extra and on top off the bid price.
Bidding closes: Nov 26th at 8pm MST

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lots of you have been asking me where to get more info on Retreats, classes and where you can buy my art and I am redoing my website and blog to help you find that info....

Have patience, bear with me...I promise this will great!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Taking a Leap!!

I remember as a little girl I would spend hours indulging in colouring and drawing, choosing just the right crayon, and I often told anyone who would listen that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.... Of course I also wanted to be a teacher, a nurse and Barbie at that age.

As I grew up the world taught me that "Artist" wasn't a "Real Job"... and I was blessed to go to school and work in the art based field of Interior Design. That should and it did make make happy, for the most part.

It's funny, I teach students everyday to embrace their artistic selves, I spent the last year or so mentoring Brittany on choosing a life path with passion and to go for the "Brass Ring", not to settle, but I wasn't exactly walking that path either.

For the last few years whispers have be in the back of my mind. "If only I could just make art for a living" "If only I could figure out how to sell a painting with out feeling like I had to apologize for that" " If only I could be a real working artist".  Outwardly I would tell others to embrace their dreams and to "Fake It Till You Make It!!" and that you just had to DO it, not just wonder....

but inside, I was a coward. Terrified of rejection, terrified of being called silly or frivolous, TERRIFIED of FAILING!!!!!!

Even now I am writing all of this so I can put off what I am announcing for just a little bit longer.


Introducing my first ever ART SHOW! 

Please come join me and support this amazing group of artists, and drink some wine!!!, oh and eat some cheese? 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What's New and Where am I Going to Be.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone.

I have so much to be thankful for in my life. It truly is more then I could ever have hoped for. I have a healthy, happy family and an incredible marriage. I have a great job with Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine working with amazing women that I love. I am blessed!

 This last year has been a weird roller coaster ride of where I was going to take my career, and truthfully I felt a little lost. The paper crafting and scrapbooking industry is undergoing a metamorphosis and ironically so am I. Both of us will and have come out stronger and I believe better.

My journey this year has had a few key things that have helped with my finding my way. 

About a year ago I found this book:

It's a great read on creating a pool of inspiration for yourself, how to use that inspiration to develop  your own style and brand of creativity. Well worth the read, again and again! You can tell by the paint splatters on my copy. This book started me on a journey to look for inspiration in unusual and unexpected places, and opened my eyes to so many things. Helped me to create a creative community for myself and for my art. I learned that the best me existed when I didn't create in a vacuum.

Another major influence in my career also happened slowly over the last few years. I have slowly been transitioning form teaching in stores, to teaching at retreats. I love teaching in a retreat atmosphere. Everyone is relaxed and having a great time. It lets me be at my best and give my best. 

Yet, the most surprising thing in my journey, came in the most unlikely place. This summer I signed up to take an ecourse with Cristine Mason Miller called The Conscious Booksmith. I was hoping it would make me a better writer, and maybe publish a book, but what it really did was spark me to create more art. It helped me set goals, focus my energies, and really take a leap.

So what does all this mean?

Well, it means I have some amazing new projects in the works; 

Art Retreats -  Next retreat is Dec. 4th to 7th, 2014 

Join me for 4 days and 3 nights at the edge of the Rockies, near Pincher Creek, in an amazing private retreat for fun, intensive and amazing classes of art journaling and mixed media techniques.
-          Arrive the first evening after six and once the group is settled we will do a class that will open up our creativity and get us ready for the weekend. This class could be stamp carving; mono printing, journal making or another project that I think will be fun and easy.
-          Our first full day is spent in Art journal Technique classes, stopping to eat amazing meals prepared on site. The pace of these classes is relaxed and each student creates at their own pace.
-          Our second day we tackle a large canvas class where I guide the group on the beginning stages of creating their own custom canvas and then work one on one with each student as they take their own creative journey to completing their canvas art project.
-          Our last day is left open to finish up anything, have a nice brunch and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.
Your weekend stay in beautiful, cozy rooms, with amazing meals for the weekend, as well as water, tea, and coffee, all fees and taxes = $386.40 (to be paid to the retreat centre)
Plus $150 Art fee to cover the cost of the classes, material fees and canvas for classes.

To confirm your Spot send a $150 deposit to Christy Riopel, via check, email transfer or I can send you a secure invoice link for credit cards. No spots will be held without a deposit.
 Only $100 of the deposit will be refunded in cancellations are more than 14 days from retreat date, no deposits will be returned for cancellations less than 14 days from retreat dates.
Please inform us of any allergies or special diet restrictions.
I can gladly answer any other questions at

Creative Events Scrapbooking

Join me at The Ramada on Kingsway Avenue in Edmonton for this event the weekend of October 24-26, 2014! 

I will be teaching these two classes:

Art Journal Technique Workshop $50
This is a great way to warm up your creativity for the weekend and learn a few techniques. You will dabble in the world of art and play as Christy guides you through completing a few art journal pages. This class is great for beginners or the well-seasoned art journaler, and no artistic skill is required, just a willingness to get messy and try new things.

Pop Up Fun Layout Class $30
This interactive layout is a great way to add whimsy and fun to your scrapbooks. Christy will walk you through the process of creating hidden pop up messages under your photos that will delight your family and amaze your friends.
 or Join me in Medicine Hat
at ONE SCRAPPY CHICK from Nov 7th-9th,2014
A little Bit City & A little Bit Country Layout Class
Come make two mixed media layouts with two distinct and different styles, using similar products. This fun class will teach you the techniques to create your own one of kind layouts using mediums and funky techniques.

Friday November 7 from 6:00pm-9:00pm
Cost : $60.00 

Art Journal Classes
Want to try your hand at mixed media and art journals? Come play in the technique rich class and complete a few journal pages ( no writing required) filled with arty goodness. Try your hand at sprays, stencils, gesso paints and more in a relaxing and creative environment as Christy guides you through the process in a simple and fun way that is sure to enjoyable for all levels of crafters. Each session will have different projects so you can take one or all!
Saturday November 8th
Session 1: 10am-1pm – Cost $40.00
Session 2: 2pm-5pm – Cost $40.00
Session 3: 7pm-10pm – Cost $40.00
Sunday November 9th
Session 4: 11am-2pm – Cost $40.00
If you take all of the art journaling classes the cost will be reduced to $140.00 for all of them. The samples for the layouts are at the store for you to check out as well as an Art Journaling book. Drop by the store to check them out. 

Location for classes: 119-1600 Strachan Road SE (Meadowlark Village) Medicine Hat 
If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the classes call the store 403-580-2101. Thanks and have a great day!!!!

I have one more big project 

- but that I will post tomorrow!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Creative Crossover-Part Two

It's the second of our Creative Crossover Event posts today and Karen and I are featuring:

I love spending a few hours mono printing papers and the techniques that you can do with this tool are endless. I am focusing on some basic beginner techniques. 

I am using Liquitex acrylic paint as my medium, but you can use a variety of paints and inks with this tool. I recommend making sure they are water based. 

My other supplies are a brayer, wet wipes and a water spray bottle
I also have a stack of mediums to print on; book paper, music sheets and a stack of coffee filters that I have ironed flat. Coffee filters are one of my favourite mediums to print on for adding to my art and journal projects. They don't warp, dry quickly hold a lot of medium well!

 I start by adding small drops of paint onto the gelli plate

 I then use my brayer to spread and mix the paint
 I then laid down a stencil over the paint and added a second colour, smoothing it out with a brayer.

I lifted off the stencil, smothed out any spaces on the red that needed it.

I then placed a coffee filter over top and gently smoothed it with my hand.

 I lifted off the filter paper and I had a great edgy print!!

You can clean off the residue on your plate with a wet paper towel, but I often just add more colour right on top. This add to the layered look. Here I added black paint with my brayer.

I then added a piece of swirly chipboard and then placed a coffee filter over top. Usinf a colffee filter lets me press the paper around the chipboard.

 I then lifted the paper. You can see the left over red paint dots in the swirl.

 You can often get more then one type of print from each set up. Here I took off the chipboard and was left with this swirl. I could print this, but I wanted to add more interest.

I used my brayer to add colour over top.

Look how pretty this second print is!!

I love when a new toy, lets me use an old toy in an inventive way. I pulled out my foam stamps that I had from days gone by.

I put the colour on my gelli plate with a brayer and then stamped into the paint with the foam stamp. I wipe off the paint from the stamp before each continual stamp. The stamp lifts off the paint.

This is the first print.

This is the second print. I can't tell which one I love the most!!

I made a whole bunch of papers, and cut them all to a 4x6 size. I then used gell medium to attach them to a canvas. 

 I saved the trimed bits to cover the edge of the canvas. 
I love this piece of art and every time I look at it I see something new.

To see Karen's post and cool techniques, and a link to buy a Gelli plate (because you will want one!!!)  Check out