Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello Queen Katt Bloggers

A big shout out today to the Queen Kat Bloggers for making me their princess for the day!!!

I can't believe I haven't had a spare moment this week to blog, so here I am going to try and catch up. Sunday was Brittany's Dance recital...can you get a load of the '80s garb...they did a song from flashdance....more like a huge flashback!!! Can't wait to scrap this one!
Tuesday Mike and I drove to Pincher to bring Cindy a whole bunch of stuff for kits, and to set Cindy up with a Internet phone in the workshop. I took this pic from the car on the way back...I often forget how very amazing it is to live this close to the mountains and with this much nature around! So very beautiful!!

This is the card I made for my sister's Birthday....the best part of the story is that she hates the color pink!!! ...I'm not crazy about it every time we get something for each other we try an out "pink" each other. I used Secret keeper card so there is a hidden compartment when you pull the two ends apart!
Friday Night I attended the GBC Sleepover and hung out for the summer wind up....I'm not sure there was any sleeping actually going on. Above is a pic Mandy shot of Allison Orthner making waffles. Allison is always up for a great photo gag! Below is the canvas class that I taught Saturday Morning


  1. Look at you girl! Just go go go!!

    Hey, just saw that you're going to be teaching in September at BC's Crop 4 Kids!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! I get to see you again!!!! ;)
    I'll be teaching there too!

  2. Thanks for teaching us this great project Christy! I really enjoyed creating another one of your ideas. Appreciate your talent and generousity of your time.
    Have a great week!

  3. Looks like you had fun at GBC and great class!
    I realized that I was not childless for that weekend :( but THIS weekend. LOL Ahhh, you'll all have to come out to Sylvan!

  4. Hey girlfriend! Great shot of me doing what I DON'T do best... cooking!!!!! Can't believe people actually eat stuff I prepare... must REALLY be hungry!!

  5. Oh! I love your LO. Just simple and beautiful!