Thursday, November 20, 2008

Of all the things I've done...

What a crazy week....Shipping kits, dealing with sick kids ( we had a bit of a scare with Brittany today, but what we thought might be her appendix turned out to be a parasite in her belly... Thank goodness!) and cleaning up all the last details of the crop.

Amidst all this I received a little phone call from a friend asking if I knew anyone who painted windows..because they wanted to paint "Go Stamps Go" on their thing lead to another...and I found myself in the offices of "the Fuel" radio station, painting windows and cracking jokes with the DJ...resurrecting one of my past vocations...and that got me thinking of all the crazy jobs I have had. I mean I have been working since I was 10 years old!

Let's see...Besides painting windows, I have been a paper boy (girl), shampoo girl, babysitter, daycare worker, camp coordinator, sold clothes, running shoes, and electronics, dressed windows and merchandised countless products including fashion, wedding dresses and being the regional merchandiser for Radio Shack, worked as a hostess in a Chinese restaurant and many other fine eating establishments, waitress, bartender, and event coordinator, worked in a deli making salads and selling cheese, wielded power as a movie theater usher, and hocked popcorn as a candy counter girl, Sewed draperies with a room full of little Italian Ladies, made and sold Christmas crafts on the craft circuit, owned a residential Interior Design firm that painted murals, faux finishes and decorated countless homes and show homes, sold Stamp It Up, assembled scrapbooks for others, worked at the ScrapYard and now Monday Night Class. One thing I have never and will never do is worked in fast food!!! Other then that every job has been a great learning experience!


  1. HOLY CRAP woman! That's alotta jobs! Are you 96??

  2. no But I feel like that some days!!!

  3. You've just exhausted me! LOL
    Nightie night!, Jennifer

  4. wowza woman, no wonder you are so talented, you have and alot of practice!!!
    well you may have done all of those things but to me your main job will always be friend!!!
    lots of hugs

  5. I see a layout coming on!!! I sure haven't done as many different jobs as you, but once I started counting, you'd think I'd be retired by now!! BTW... keep thinking about some good Christmas crafting for Dec. 10!!