Saturday, November 15, 2008

OMG! My feet hurt!!!

I am so tired, but so happy, but so tired! Today was the Jingle Bell Crop and I think MNC has the best customers ever!!! Today was so fun...I will write more tommorrow when I can think!


  1. Glad it was sooo much fun Christy! I wish I was able to go! I'm sure all your hard work paid off & that everyone really, really enjoyed themselves. Can't wait to see pics???!!!

  2. Christy it was an amazing day! All your hard work more than paid off! You girls sure know how to throw a "crop"!!!! Hope you are relaxing today!

  3. Thanks Christy for the awesome day and wonderful food, gifts and door prizes! You and your wee crew of helpers did a wonderful job!
    HOpe you can have a few days to yourself now! A big thankyou to everyone who organized your crop!
    Jennifer R