Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dave Kelly Cracks Me UP!!!

So despite my 3pm bedtime and my 5:30 am wake up call...I had a great day!!

Why so little sleep you ask?....well thanks to the goddess of Scrapbook in Calgary and my ever so wonderful friend Allison Orthner, I spent the morning doing Christmas Crafts on The Breakfast Show on City TV!!! I always get asked...Is Dave a nice, or fun , or cute in person...the answer is YES!!...and that just on air the antics are crazier! I think he almost made me pee my pants today. Funny, no asks me if I had fun or if I like being on TV, all they want to know about is Dave! HUH?!

I will post pics tom morrow of all the great projects we did, for today, I just feel like having some fun. I found this on Leica Forest's Blog...totally fun and kind of Spooky...

The Recipe For Christy

3 parts Vitality

2 parts Bravery

1 part Whimsy

Splash of Pizzazz

Finish off with a little umbrella and straw

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