Thursday, December 4, 2008

OK... so I had a little bit of a Wild Streak as a Teenager....that is is the first line of the hidden journaling on this page. I love Facebook...I recently facebooked ( is that the verb of to facebook?) my ex boyfriend Graham and stole these off of his facebook page. Before Facebook I never would have had access to these pics yet they tell about such a huge part of my life.
This was the band, Fear of Flight...they were very good and a had a huge following in Calgary. In my teens I had met and dated the lead singer Danny Wilock( that's the one holding his crotch...yeah I know... nice choice) It was so cliche...the bad boy thing, the leather jacket, the could I resist. We didn't last long but stayed Friends. Shortly after graduating Danny and I became roommates... and I soon started dating Graham the one on the left. He was the first real love of my life and we dated for a few years. Hanging out with these guys shaped so much of who I am today, exspecially my musical influences. They weren't the only musicians or guys I dated or knew but the certainly made the biggest influence in my life as far as ex boyfriends go. I remember hanging out in Graham's Dad's garage while they practiced and lugging gear to gigs and even working the light board at a few. Graham left and went to college out east and I moved on, but you never forget those magical years of your youth, nor your crazy choices. ...And boy did I make some crazy choices!!! But all that makes me who I am today. I am not normally a nostalgic kind of girl...would rather move forward then look back, but I encourage you to scrapbook a crazy not so perfect moment in your life...don't worry about having the right pic...just make sure to write it down!!!

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