Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally Here!!!!

So just a heads up...if you want to be really early for a flight...let me plan arrival times!..We flew Westjet ( yeah Westjet!!!!) on My DH's Buddy passes, so basically flying standby. So we need to be there 3 hrs early...but the check in gate doesn't open that early...and I thought the flight was at 10 am...but was really at 10:55!!! So we were a little bit early...but all in all we had a blast!...Went to my first Target tonight...Bought the cutest runners!! LOVE THEM!! But then I have a thing for really cute runners.
So here is the plan...I am going to take pics of all the great new products and post them here every night when I return to the haven of our room. Let me know what you Love it or Leave it. Every one who posts a comment this week gets put in for a draw...What's the Prize you ask???
Why a copy of my favorite new book...Cut Loose!!...check below for the details...and I might through in a goodie or two from the all you girls who love to remind me to post more it's your turn to write!
Catch you tomorrow!!


  1. Sounds like you are having fun so far. Hope you have a great trip and your feet survive the walking torture. Soak them in cool water each night - it is the only way I survive Vegas when we have been.

  2. JEALOUS. That is my comment. JEALOUS.

  3. Oh my gosh toooo funny, dontcha just LOVE, LOVE flying stand-by!!!!

    I can't wait to see all the pics Christy!

  4. OK, like you will really pay attention to us!! LOL
    Hope you have a blast down there and I look forward to the pictures!
    Jennifer R

  5. I'm waiting!! lets see all this awesome new stuff!