Friday, January 23, 2009

I Love Little Yellow Bicycle!!!!

So the one company that really stood out today was Little yellow Bicycle...tons of free swag....AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!  I wish I had a better shot of the product...maybe on Sunday at the show. ..the other company that stood out...( but not in a good way) was heidi swap. Not very supportive of Canadian company's and certainly aware of her own celebrity status...too bad her new product is stinking cute...pre embossed papers with the ability to ink them any color and get a great resist finish. Hope someone else make this so I can buy it from them.

These awesome girls are from a store in fact today three Canadian stores sat in a row today...solidarity rules EH!!
Ah....Tim Holtz.
..does this hottie own another shirt?
Yeah Bo Bunny...this line was amazing!!!
Allison making a great SEI make and those clear impressions!!
GLITTER THICKERS...what's not to love!!
Shiny, happy thickers...( not real name...but what I am calling them) SO COOL!!
Yeah Canadian!!! Sandylion...if you haven't checked this company lately you are missing out!!

Mellisa Frances....very sweet Canadian girl, perhaps best known for her "thankful" line celebrating Breast Cancer Survival...but check out the sweet Easter house and the Mica flakes...oh! and crepe paper!!

OK I am really tired...and will blog more product tomorrow so I can share more of today!


  1. Loving the yummy pics of the new product - who wouldn't love glitter Thickers!!! Wow! I am shocked & disappointed in Heidi Swapp, hmmm, I just bought some of her stuff...maybe I'll stop now!

    Have more fun today girls!

  2. lovin the thickers!!! and lovin the blog updates Christy!!!

  3. that doesn't surpirse me about heidi swapp. her rub ons suck anyway.
    I am so loving the shiny happy thickers. Where would I be without thickers......and the Bo Bunny. Heart that too.
    BTW... no dancing pics of you here??? what's up with that?
    miss you.

  4. WOw, more great pictures! Just checked Allison's blog to see the two of you dancing for free stuff!
    well done! LOL
    Love the display by Melissa Frances. Vintage suitcases, scale etc.and beautful product. Sandylion looks pretty, the amazing thickers, and Little Yellow Bicycle. Would love to see the little transparent Make and Take that Allison made. Was it a card or a mini scrapbook album?
    Hope you girls aren't getting too tired and actually have a moment to
    take all of the excitement in.

  5. The Make and Take was a card...using KI stuff. Very cool! Thanks for the shouts on Allison's blog...I miss you all! And just so you feel better it has been raining off and on the whole time we have been here. No Sunshine so far.