Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not the Happiest Place on Earth!

So today was a day of unscheduled work...and we had planned to check out Disneyland tonight. Now there are two things you need to know to fully understand this story...

...1) I have never been to Disneyland

...2) We pre-purchased discount passes through the convention at a discounted price.

So we get to the gate and the guy scans our passes...sorry these are not will have to go to guest services. So off we go to guest services. So the guy at guest services tells us our passes are not valid until tomorrow!! So Crystal pleads with him to let us in..he gets his supervisor, but not before he gets me "THE BUTTON" ...and then they won't let us in...So my first visit to Disneyland was only to the gate. :(

We did do a little shopping at Downtown Disneyland and had amazing Margs and Tex Mex on the Patio...Only Canadian girls eat on a patio during drizzly 18 degree cool weather...Just like a summers eve at home!

We had a little adventure tonight when when our group got separated. If you ever get a chance... ask Allison and Katherina about almost getting kicked off the Disneyland tram and arrested by Disney security. I just can't do the storey justice on the blog.

Well tomorrow is the the official start of more product, and more fun stuff.


  1. that sucks.... it's all hype anyway... (I am just trying to make you feel better. it really is the happiest place on earth... ) :(
    sorry girl.

  2. Oh man, so sorry! But just think,
    what an awesome scrapbook page and story!! LOL Hope you are able to pop over again later on, and if not, I'm sure you will get to see Disneyland with your girls at some point.
    It also sounds like Allison and Katharina need a chaparone! :)
    Good think you weren't with them, how embarrassing. LOL Have a great day.

  3. sent you a blog award... look on my blog to see it!

  4. Oh! :}

    I hope you get a chance to go today - it is sooo much fun - really, it is the most magical place on earth!

  5. Just remember that Mickey the "happiest place on earth" isn't that happy on the scale of the ethical coporations. That being said, when I was there with band in '90 I liked the pirates of the caribbean the best, and I would recomend trying on hats, especally the princess ones.