Monday, January 26, 2009

Part 1 - CHA Buzz, Day Two

Wow! I am a little less tired today so I will post a little more...OK I am not really less tired but I think I have just become immune to the sensation!!
So today was totally cool and I have struck off a few things on my Bucket List this week.
As with most things in life, it's not what you know, but who you know. My very dear and indebted too friend Allison allowed me to tag along to her lunch with the CK Media editorial staff today. I have to say not many situations leave me feeling totally insecure, but here I was sitting cross legged on the floor eating lunch with CD Muckosky,(who I am a huge fan of!!!) and the likes; Hall of Famers, Dream team and Creative Directors and little old me. The best part...they all were very nice and extremely funny. Here's a pic of just a few. I am sure Allison will have more pics on her sight.

Allison is really amazing at getting all the good conections and I really am amazed and am learning how to work a room from her. She met and chatted scrapbooking with Paris Hilton yesterday....unfortunetly I wasn't with her or in fact (as you asked) I might have tried to get her to sign up for MNC...Just Kidding. Allison said she really is a true scrapbooker and was a smart and funny young lady...even if they had to postpone her press conference to wait for her to put on a longer skirt.


  1. Are you serious Or are you JOKING?

  2. I LOVE CD tooooooo. I am the mostest jealous right now. did you drop my name??? jk!! ;)

  3. Ohhh, I am sooo jealous!!!

    Paris just looks amazing - look at that skin - how the heck do you get dewey skin like that? I guess you don't live in Alberta!!!