Sunday, January 25, 2009

SO finally we hit the show floor....So very cool!! lot's of stuff to look at...really tired to blog right now, but as promised more pics of product!!

Keiser was throwing out bling like Bon Homme at the winter carnival...there was more dashing and diving then I've seen from desperate bridesmaids at a bouquet toss.

Here is Prima's product..not a catalog in sight...How am I supposed to order this stuff?

Here's the hot new flowers...looks like pot pourri to me!!!
But these felt gates are amazing...can't wait to use these in a kit...if I can get an order for them.
This was my happy place today...ribbon...ribbon and more ribbon!!!!

I am not a cutesie girl but these Colorbok albums made me almost want to have another baby...well almost... almost.

Now these are supposed to be for your photos...but I would use them for a multitude of things...way too cute to hide photos in!!

So nice to see the Canadian girls and guys from Bzoo...Yes honey, see your not the only husband who gets dragged along to scrapbooking events. All you scrappers you have to check out there product...maybe we can convince Crystal to carry it!!


  1. love those photo clutches! and the bzoo line! oh you girls look like you are having fun!!!

  2. the prima stuff is gorgeous. and yes, tell crysal that I love Bisous! would so buy their stuff.
    call me when you get back! I am sure you will have tons to talk about!

  3. I checked out Allisons blog too - SO, is Paris Hilton a new subscriber to MNC? Glad you guys are having such a good time! See you when you get back.

  4. What wonderful displays you are seeing! Love the felt gates and the Bisous line-have actually ordered from them on-line and it is beautiful paper!
    Appreciate your taking the time to post all the wonderful things you are seeing! It's probably the closest I'll ever be to going to CHA!! LOL

  5. the prima flowers look so yummy! and the bzoo line looks great!