Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why?...because i love it!

At one in the morning, I look back at today and I observe...Scrapbooking kits all over the floor...a Sunday spent chained to the laptop, and not sleeping in or hanging out with the kids...remnants of dirty dishes from a dinner cooked by Mike and not me ( I love cooking Sunday Dinner)...dogs unwalked in amazing Chinook weather...and I feel like I still have way to much to do before I leave on Wednesday for CHA...and I think WHY!!!!

Then... I remember last night ( Crop at Grace Baptist Church) and hanging out with new and old friends, laughing, eating and sharing a true passion and I remember why! Because I love it! Last night was great, I brought Brittany (my oldest daughter) with me last night for the first time. It was so much fun. She is a great little scrapbooker and at 12 I am really enjoying spending time with her right now...she is just growing up so fast and it's nice to still have times she wants to actually be with me. Here is a quick pic of the page she did last night...notice that I am so tired I didn't even crop it...sorry :)

Well I should put this sleepy head to bed..lots to do tomorrow.


  1. Hi CHristy, Hope you can hang in there until CHA. Perhaps you can
    get some shut eye on the plane.
    Just love Britneys- (spelling?)-
    layout. May have to case it!!'
    My kids just went to see Frank Slide this summer-still have photos on disc...Hmm. and you think you're behind!
    Have a great trip!!
    Tell Crystal, no more "cutsie stuff"
    :) Jennifer

  2. Awww, hope you slept well! Have fun tomorrow.

    Brittany did a fab job. I love scrapbooking with my daughter too already & doing cards, etc & she is only 8!

  3. Have an AWSOME time at CHA!!!! Next time I'll hide out in your suitcase!!!