Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Too late.... I am already sick!

Oh well at least I have a week to get over it...I woke up this morning just a little bit snuffly...and am now completely hopped up on cold medication. Poor Ashley though, she was up puking at 4 am this morning. It breaks my heart!!

SO tomorrow I am going to start prepping my Design 201 class...completely technique and product driven class. 6 weeks of advanced techniques...now I know off the top of my head what I think I should be teaching but I would love a little feed back here as to what you all want to learn...so far I have been told: Chipboard ( yummy) and flocking ( even more yummy)...but I never know what else...I could teach 12 weeks of classes...so I need to narrow it down. HELP!

OK I am going to bed...maybe I shouldn't start tomorrow...it might not make sense!

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