Friday, March 6, 2009

Home for a rest...

So as the words from a famous Spirit of The West song play in my head...I am glad to be back on solid ground. I AM NOT A BOAT PERSON!!! When asked how did I enjoy the Crop and Cruise? my reply is simply...the Crop part was awesome...words can not describe the fun, the people, the free product!! but the cruise part... I could take it or leave it...mostly the sea sick part!

The Caribbean was amazing...but next time I vote for a Crop and Stop! Let's fly some where all day..crop all night! Sound good?

Here are a few of the pages I completed on the cruise ..of the cruise.

This layout need a little explaining...Mike and I always joke that if he were to die first I would never remarry...just employ Cabana know... just to "carry things" and such. He laughed and shook his head when I shared this layout with him. Sorry girls he's taken.
I have very exciting news to share...but sorry you will have to wait until tomorrow...


  1. Glad you had fun...sorry you were queasy!!

    Sweeeeeet layouts!

  2. Great stuff. I had a blast today, looking forward to April.

  3. looks like a great time..... did you happen to bring the eye candy home for me????? lol

  4. I know I know~!
    Missing you guys already, but glad to be home same and sound!

  5. Beautiful layouts!! Now I need to set aside some time to create a ton of layouts with our ton of product we got on the cruise!