Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love my Brother!

Ok...so those of you who know me, know that I have two younger half sisters ( On my Mom's side), and I actually have 3 younger half brothers ( on my Dad's Side)...But really I am an only child of my Parents "short but way to young" first Marriages. So what Brother could I be talking about then?...You ask.

Why my Brother MFC-6490cw!!

I recently had to replace our printer for MNC and in the hunt for a new and better solution came across this Bad boy...A bad boy because while it has a few hidden underlying good qualities it really doesn't do what it it is supposed to. The print quality is poor and takes a stone age to print in colour. ...but back to it's good qualities...It is the only all in one scanner-printer-fax that has an 11x17 scanning bed on it. It will actually scan 11 1/2 x 17 1/2. That means no more photo shoots, trying to get the best lighting, worrying about glare, and trying to fix distortion when trying to take photos of my pages. Most pages I can get into a single scan...the rest require only a single line of stitching in photoshop. The best thing is the price. I paid less then $300 on sale for this printer. Who cares if I never use the printer part... the scanner is well worth it. The only thing better was if IT companies would clue in and make a flatbed scanner for home that would hold a 12 x 12 page that didn't cost $4000!!! Hello HP!!!

I was going to clean up my desk and take a picture of it but I thought a little realism might be good...here is what my desk looks like today! Notice the Coke can...there is even a dryer sheet from last nights laundry ( could I use the excuse it's for static control for all the electronics?) This is the where all the "magic" happens...like it's a miracle I find anything, or get anything done!!
BTW you will notice the HP office jet...that's who really gets all the printing work done. It's the wife of the printing marriage on my desk. LOL

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