Thursday, April 23, 2009

It was so fun to actually scrapbook my own stuff this weekend...more so....since I spent the week packing up my scrapbook room, and getting the house ready to sell. At this point I feel like just lighting a match and starting fresh!! Argh! I hate packing and painting and I really hate cleaning.
That's the real reason for no blogging these blog would read I packed and cleaned and sent a load to the dump and a load to the goodwill...and ten days of that would be reallllllllllly boring! We went so far as to let the girls go to Lethbridge to spend Easter with Nana and Grandpa and the Caldwell gang. A whole weekend with my honey and no kids and we worked dawn till dusk and dropped dead each night...not even a nice dinner out!
I now have moved all my scrapbook stuff I need for the next few months into a portable scrapbook storage system that constists of a whole bunch of portable file totes and fishing tackle boxes. It's crazy!
I am not sure how I am going to manage the next few's so over extended even for me. I am teaching 2 Design( 101 and 201) classes at the pantry and Scrapbook Your Heart is right around the corner, The Summer Scraptacular is filling up fast and the organization for that is falling into place....oh yeah and then there is Monday Night Class!!! Good thing I love this crazy life


  1. These pages are all so great. You really have perfected the art of taking the pictures .. and tips to share?

  2. Fabulous, fabulous pages Christy as always!!!