Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The world is an amazing place...

Last weekend I had the privilege of being involved with an amazing project. I attended the Crop4kids in event put together by my friend Jennifer Rowsell and her friend Mary and together they raised over $5000 for the Calgary Children's Hospital...Way to go girls!! Considering that they only had 65 girls in attendance this was unbelievable. This charity is very close to my heart as a few years ago we almost lost Brittany to a rare blood virus and two blood transfusions, two weeks in the hospital , two months of quarantine and the amazing staff of the children's hospital and you would never know she had ever been that sick!! I was so happy that MNC was able to help out by donating over $1300 in kits for the cause!!
Speaking of small world my friend Rose (who used to work at the Children's Hospital) attended with me...and I really have to publicly acknowledge how much of help she has been to me. She's not the one to stand at the front of the room and command attention, but she really is one of those friends ( I have several like this) who support me in every way ...lug boxes, run cash, and keep me on my toes. Even give me a photo when I need one...The above layout was a really quick one I out together at the crop..with her photo, which in a way fit the theme of the page.


  1. Thanks for the public acknowledgement. No need though... i felt bad for my late evening - didn't see the sky all day - whining.

  2. Lovely layout Christi! It is so
    nice to have those very supportive
    friends in our lives. Good for you
    for acknowledging her.
    Thanks for the kit at the crop.
    Have a great week!
    Jennifer Reynard

  3. What a great layout Christy & love that pic!