Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jump into life with both feet...

...and discover the Princess/Warrior in you ! Time and time again I am reminded that we get out of life and our relationships what we put into them. This weekends retreat was such a huge example of that! I watched a 100 women dress up like little girls, have their picture taken, share a personal and deep story with a new Friend and even an old Friend. Discover things about themselves and the people they love that they never knew! Forget the scrapbooking...that was just the icing on the cake!

In life when ever I tackle anything..I always think if I can get one jewel of knowledge, one good outcome, one new piece of information that helps me understand myself or my world then it's a win....
Here are some nuggets I discovered or had reinforced this weekend...
1) Everyone always thinks the grass is greener....and it never is.
We look at the people we see achieving things, or that we think are "popular" or all together and if we take the time and the patience we can understand that they too have struggles and feel insecure. That popularity is a myth....often the most popular girl in the room is the most alone on the inside. Instead of thinking why me...jump in, include more people in your life, you just might find that someone else thinks you are the popular one, they wished they were.
2) There is an unlimited amount of success in the room and in the universe!
I am not sure why but often as women we can feel threatend by other women's success's. We really shouldn't. There isn't a finite amount of success in the universe. One person's success does not take away from another's. We should celebrate each and every ones and help each other along the way. Then we all win!
3) Never judge a book by it's cover!
OK, so my very good friend Rose teaches this lesson to me every single day....just when I think, "I think I have her figured out"...she puts a pink crown on her head and makes me start all over!!
4) Live life with a little abandon!
You here it in life so often...you gotta take risks to get rewards! The more you push your boundaries the bigger they become the more life and Friends fit with in those boundaries. Do something crazy, wild or silly every day. It will at least make life more interesting!!
5) A very small unimportant decision to do something can change your life in a huge way.
On the drive home...I was talking with Tracey and she asked where/when I learned to be able to get up in front of people and be silly, and not be afraid to be wrong, to be vulnerable ? When talking about the answer I realized that, though I always loved the "stage" and was never afraid to be upfront of a crowd...it was only recently that I could do this with the ability to laugh at myself. This came from watching my very dear Friend and once Stampin up Upline; Diane. That one small decision that changed my life so huge?...was going to her "Stampin Up" party (even though I hated home parties). I loved the way she was honest, laughed at her mistakes and didn't worry about talking herself so seriously....it worked, so I emulated my teaching style to hers....neither of us sell Stampin Up any more but my life will never be the same. I wonder if she knows that little decision to invite would become such a huge life changing moment for me?
6) Lastly...You can't get by with out your friends!
Below is a picture of a few good Friends of mine, stuffing kits for me, Friday night. While I am working the room and chatting and running around like a chicken with my head cut off!! What would I do with out them. They have become more like sisters to me then friends, I depend them and would give my life for them. If I had a choice of doing all of this with out them or giving it all up... I would give it up in a heart beat....and not just because I would have to do it all myself, but because it would just not be fun anymore or worth it!


  1. Your a special woman, I'm so glad to have shared the weekend with you and all the people you have brought into my life by being knowing you. I can't wait until next years SBYH!

  2. I had such an awesome weekend with you, and everyone! I cant wait until next year, and thanks so much for sharing with us, and making us think! What a weekend!

  3. you are an outstanding woman who I learned more about this weekend and learned that I now think you are wonder woman! such strength you have found within yourself, your faith and your friends. what an honor to know you and consider you a friend.
    Leica Forrest

  4. Ok Christy, I am just balling my eyes out. You are such a fantastic women and role model for so many.
    You have had so many struggles and have chosen to move on and LIVE LIFE.
    Thanks for being such an inspiration
    and such a great person to know.
    WHen you laugh, we all laugh with you. You are truly a blessing to many.
    Must find kleenex!! LOL
    Have a great weekend. Jennifer

  5. Kay, it wasn't a pink crown. it was dusty rose. because it was rose, it was totaly ok for me to wear it.