Monday, June 15, 2009

Breakfast TV should really be in the afternoon.

With the craziness of my life ...tonight I get insomnia. It's 2:30 am and I have to be up in 2 1/2 hrs to go to Scrapbooker Paradise with Brittany so that she can help Allison with her Father's day segments. So I thought if I can't sleep, I will blog.

The Scraptacular was just that...SCRAPTACULAR!!! What an amazing group of women. I feel so blessed to know so many talented and wonderful ladies. It was like hanging out with a huge sorrity of scrapbooking sisters!

This weekend also confirmed that Cindy is the queen of deserts. She made these incredible fruit pizzas that pretty much were all I wanted to eat...despite lots of other great food. We had so much food...there is no way anyone went away hungry, thanks to Robbie and Jill from Conexia mortgage, for sponsering some of our food.

It was also great to have the design team together. They are some of the funniest women I know....and super talented. Kim took pics of some of the mini classes that were tuaght by them and the talented staff of the scrapbook pantry. She will be posting them on the MNC blog. Check it out at
Above is pic Kim took of Amy's shakerbox tag class. Well it's definetly time to try and get some sleep. OH and don't forget to watch BT this moring to hear about Allisons newest adventure!!

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  1. I also had an awesome weekend! My ankles came back on Sunday so all is good. Hope you get yourself some sleep soon!