Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day one...selling the house.

Seriously!!! So it's not really day one, because we just spent the last three months completing 9 years of started projects and renos. What a crazy morning...screw that...what a crazy weekend!
So after the Scraptacular, we spent the whole day Sunday cleaning and painting and cleaning...and then I didn't sleep at all, not one wink...but I did get paperwork done, the next morning did my amazingly fun TV shoot with Allison for BT. ( BTW...I am going to Cancun...who wants to come?) Then I went home and cleaned and painted and packed and still didn't get everything done in time for the realtor to show up at 6pm...but most of it was done. So we put up the house up for sale last night and I went to bed...finally after being up for more then 48hrs....but I thought I don't have anything pressing in the morning I am going to sleep in!!!
So at 9:45 this morning I woke up the faint sounds of the phone ringing downstairs...for like the 12 time in a row...at first I thought it was part of my dream. BUT NO!! It was Mike frantically trying to wake me, because we had showing in 15 min!! AHHH!!! In fact we had 3 this morning and 2 this afternoon and two this evening. I had to rush to get dressed grab the dogs and leave. Crazy!!
But MY HOUSE LOOKS GREAT!! so I thought I would share a few pics for those of you who have never seen it not covered in scrapbooking stuff!!


  1. Christy, I have no idea how you do it!

    The house looks fabulous!

  2. Okay Christy, whose house did you photograph?? That does not look like yours!! Where is all of the "stuff" on the table???? LOL Cindy

  3. Where'd you hide all your stuff? I hope it sells fast so that you don't have that showing life for long.

  4. WoW! Is that the family room?? What are the dogs going to chew on...buttons, paper, stamps....nowhere to be seen! Looks fabulous!!!


  5. WOW!!! Looks awesome, clean, decluttered... I can see why people are calling!! Any news?