Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Say a little prayer for me...

So I haven't been blogging...because I was trying to keep a secret...but those of you who know me, know I am no good at keeping my own secrets.

Last week was crazy. We had 16 showings on the house in 48 hrs and two offers...with a conditional sale in hand we spent the next few days playing the "can we get your house for free" game with the bidder...tomorrow is the deadline on the conditions for the sale, and we still don't have the final financing condition lifted.

Is it weird to ask all of you to pray this guy gets his financing and signs the waiver?

The weird part is that he is an investor and had a pre-approved mortgage already lined up. The waiting is killing me..almost as much as the 16 showings did. I practically had to live in the car with the two dogs and kids. Praise the Lord for my DVD player!! I only wish I could have scrapbooked in the car. If I hadn't have packed my ScrapNCarry I might have attempted it!...well let's hope the next 24hrs brings a sigh of relief...

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  1. Hey sista! You know my prayers are with you and I also know the "waiting game!"... hard, but at least it's character building!! Keep me posted :)