Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Scrapbooking Challenge

IT SOLD!!! do I really need to say more! Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts.

Today is the first day of my kid's summer vacation and I feel inspired...

So how about a contest?

I know we don't usually think of summer as a scrapbooking time of year but my goal is to complete one page a week for the whole summer. Like many people I know, we are not going on vacation this year, so I thought I am going to give myself a few hours each week to have a mini scrapbook retreat...Looking for a way to add scrapbooking into your summer, here are a few ways I have been known to sneak it in:

1) Scrampin' - did you know kits are a great way to scrapbook at the cabin, or in the RV. They need only a few tools and the kit, not a lot to saying that, a few years ago Cindy introduced me to scrampin' and I tell you, she had scrapbook supplies tucked into every nook and cranny of her RV, it was like a store! A week of scrapbooking with her and her friends was amazing!

2) I scrapbook on my deck while the kids are in the pool this year, but I am sure I can find another excuse.

3) The rainy day activity with the kids- I have a box of leftover supplies in my scrapbook room and I hand that over to the kids and we spend the day scrapbooking fact some summers we spend many a rainy days that way.

4) Avoiding the hot sun...some days when it was just too hot and sunny...we headed inside, cranked up the AC, or turned on a fan ( hint...put the fan under the table-keeps you cool but doesn't blow things around)and took a scrapbreak during the mid day sun.

5) Sort photos, cut stamps or detailed things out while at the park, you most likely meet a few of your fellow scrappers that way.

6) Don't forget to make some new memories to scrapbook and take lot's of pictures!

So hear are the rules- Each week I will post a challenge. It might be using a colour, a certain subject matter, or simply something that inspired me. You complete a page and email a pic of it to me. I will post them on my blog for everyone to see and share. From those postings I will draw a name and they will win a prize!!! Each week will be a new prize!

At the end of the summer...I will be in my new space and I am going to hold a crop at my house to celebrate!! A lucky bunch of you will get an invite to come and scrapbook the day away with me and win more prizes and such...( OK.. this sounded fun and not quite so full of myself when I conceived it)


This is a pretty easy one, but it takes a little imagination to make something that is so simple and really make it WOW! Feel free to flip it, or spin it! your pages to This challenge due date is: Friday June 3rd!


  1. I'm so glad it sold!!! WOO HOO!!

  2. Awesome news!!!
    You must feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
    Thanks for giving us a nudge with your scrapbooking contest.
    Jennifer Reynard

  3. What a great idea Christi but I have one this an old post or did you mean to say the challenge was due JULY 3rd not June?

  4. How fun is this!!!

    Congrats on your house selling!

  5. Christy, What about us two page gals??? What were you thinking? LOL, Cindy
    P.S. I am going to do the whole thing, just for fun, but next time you must give a two pager to us!