Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

...that is the question. So Katherina and I were chatting this week and she asked me if I was on twitter. I lamented, that no I wasn't and she said..."Oh you have to! Twitter is the new Facebook!"

So first of all, when did I get so old that my first thought was...How can it it be the new Facebook...Facebook is new! To quote Grandpa Simpson, "I used to be with "it", then "it " changed, now "it" scares Me!"

Then I started thinking ...what would I twitter about? What would an average day of twittering look like for me....

9:00 am- Just answered 20 emails in my PJ's
9:05 am- just grossed out 20 people, who now know I was in my pj's while emailing them...they should be relieved I don't sleep in the nude.
10:00am- Just finished answering 20 more emails...and brushed my teeth. I am going to scrapbook today!!
11:00 am - I am trying to figure out how to replace 3 different discontinued products for kits, bring lunch to youngest daughter ( who left hers on the bus), answer 20 more emails, and get dressed...all at the same time. Maybe I will scrapbook later.
12:00 pm - Put off Blogging for another day...too busy tweeting
3:00pm- Spent afternoon talking on the phone to Cindy. Worked out discontinued product issue. Still some time to scrapbook before kids get home.
4:00pm -Picked up kids from the buss, while answering emails on my I phone. Never did scrapbook this afternoon...maybe after dinner.
5:00pm - Cooked dinner for my family, but only Mike would eat it...gave the kids PB&J
7:00pm - Talked to an event organizer to finalize event details for the weekend. To tired to scrapbook.
8:00 pm - put my PJ's back on, answered 20 more emails. Is it weird to scrapbook in bed?
10:00pm- Lying in bed, doing paperwork, because Husband is snoring! Wish I was scrapbooking

SERIOUSLY...WHO WANTS TO KNOW THIS!!! I get how twittering would be fun on those days that I am at an event, or out shopping at a store...or better yet while I was at CHA...but my day to day life is so boring and even a little bit embarassing!

But...a small idea forms as I am saying this...what if I twittered for a week, printed it out, and scrapbooked it!! Whoa...that gives me chills.

So let me know...should I twitter?


  1. Twitter is strange to me... I do it, but I truly wonder... who's gives a rat's behind what I am doing all day??? LOL

  2. I don't twitter as I really think I don't want to read what I do all day, I am truly boring!

  3. Too funny. I am so far behind with technology, my kids had me sign up for facebook and I still have yet to do anything with it. I figure if I want to talk to someone, I'll just phone them! I'm better at that! LOL
    Your day sounds so typical, we all try to get to the scrapbooking, but 10 things have to be conquered before we can even think about it, let alone do it!
    Good luck on the weekend!
    Jennifer Reynard

  4. You know Christy you make me howl! You always put a smile on my face...honestly you do!!!

    Personally I don't really "get" the whole Twittering thing or Tweeting, whatever the heck they call it! So for right now I do not Twitter but, of course hubby does!

  5. All I can say is...


    as Allison procrastinates her overwhelming to do list by surfing people's blogs and facebooking :)