Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Argh!! Packing sucks! and "What week are we on? " Challenge

Sorry for the late post this week...packing has become a little overwhelming.

We had our pre-move in inspection yesterday...After a year of build up it suddenly has become very real..as are a few realities.

There is no way I am going to fit my MNC office and scrapbooking stuff into a 12 x 12 room...so I am now seriously having to rethink the plan...my very cute and careful plan of having a sweet space with french doors and hardwood floor, just off the entrance of the house for my space has gone up in smoke...either I seriously down size or I move spaces....but I really shouldn't complain....I get a new house.

Speaking of packing..( I know bad segway)...I think the next weeks challenges are going to have to be a two partner as I might not have Internet for the first part of next week.

I was inspired by the photos I took at my nephew Blane's wedding this weekend. Now those of you who know me, know I am not a photographer extraordinaire, but I have taken Allison's photo class and she has taught me a few things ( BTW...she might be teaching classes for MNC in the fall) and I definitely take more interesting photos now.

So part one of the Challenge is:


Here is the happy couple...not an amazing shot ( I had a crappy view) but still a good general pic of them

This shot ( taken with my zoom) of their hands is one of my favorites


Here is a picture of the cake...notice how I crunched down to make the shot more interesting.

Here is a close up of the topper...quite the topic of conversation at the wedding.

OK...so your assignment is to get two shots of something happening in your life this week...perhaps your garden...and a close up of a flower....or a panoramic shot of the beach and a close up of your twos in the sand. Your imagination is your only boundary. Once you have your shot print your close up in an enlarged format ( at least a 5x7) and your overall shot in a smaller format ( make sure this is quite smaller to scale)

OK...so part two will be up this week where we will actually scrap these photos.

I thought I would finish off with a few more pics from the wedding.

Congratulations Jacqueline and Blane.

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  1. Yeah!!! Look at you, my little photog!!! Awesome job... and now I'm worried about my new scrap space being only 9x9 with a huge corner cut off!!! HELP!!!!