Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As promissed last week challenge submissions

Ok...I need to clarify something...I am NOT judging these to my dear freind ( who shal remain nameless) who said..."I did the challenges just didn't send them in because it wasn't "good enough"....I say "SHUT UP!!!" and send in your pages..LOL
Here are the ones I did get...

And the winner is Serena...she wins A pack of Zinnia product as well!!


  1. Wow, they are all so different.
    Isn't it fun how people come up with such wonderful ideas, using the same technique. Awesome job ladies!

  2. Hey Christy, thanks so much for the prize!! It was so much fun to "play" with pictures cutting them out - I felt like I was a kid again cutting out my favorite movie stars from teen beat!

  3. Thanks Christy! this was the fun layout idea I had been looking for to scrap some trip photos :)