Monday, August 17, 2009

Back Amongst The Living Again

Here is this week challenge...I just realized that I missed last week...the last two weeks have just flown....but more about my moving experiences later...

It's a sketch challenge...I love photo collections on a page...this sketch works because all the photo's touch on the inside and all the uneven space is on the outside of the collection. I used one close up image to create a focal point and a starting point for my eye. The pictures belong to my lovely friend Pam, they are of her husband and her on a cruise...not from the same occasion but have an overall theme that unites them.

Remember to email in your submissions at my new email address I only received layouts from Serena and Michelle from last week so if anyone else sent one please resend it and I will post them all this week as well as the winner of the random draw.


So now that the business is done I can share what I have been up to in the last few weeks. Moving is CRAZY!! and I am never doing it again. I can't say thank you enough to the friends who have been helping out. Everything has taken two - four times longer then I had scheduled for it to take.( yes.. I made a schedule- in attempts to keep us on track)

For instance...I had this amazing idea to use tension curtain wire to make an entire wall of "clip it up" storage. After searching Revy and Home Depot's curtain sections I found these great wires at Ikea and brought them home...So Rose, my very handy friend, comes over and we decide to start installing them...after another trip to go and buy screws and anchors from Home depot( Revy was closed). We screw in the first one and are all proud of how it looks...and I am tightening the wire, Rose says...Oh stop, I think that's pulling the bracket...and just as I am stopping the wire goes slack and the bracket is ripped from the wall and a hole the size of a boccie ball is left in my wall...My newly painted, beautiful walls!!!

OK...on to plan B. Apon inspecting the hole and the bracket we decide that three anchors in that close of a distance is two much weakening of the drywall for this to work. We need Wood! So now my husband steps in to save the day..( get your mind out of the gutter) and produces two 2x4's. ...we anchor them to the wall in several locations, attach all of the brackets, trim the wires more, string them across and attach to the other side. Now the test...we tighten the wire...and the whole 2x4 rips out of the wall!! I think I saw my husband tear up a little and I am sure at that moment with several holes in the new walls he thought. "my wife and her bright ideas!!"...but as per his usual behavior, her was patient and headed for the Internet. Her then research that drywall could only with stand a minimum amount of tensile direct strain....a developed a new plan. He was going to build a frame! off he went to find his saw ( some how in the garage) and built the frame and was installing it when I walked into the I viewed this scaffold of scary proportions, raw lumber and screws, I am sure he saw my face drop..." You hate it, don't you?"...was all he said. " I had just hoped for something light and airy and pretty, but if this is what we have to do, maybe once I paint it it will be better" was all I said. He started unscrewing the beams.

On to plan C or is this D? Mike goes back to Revy for the 7th or 8th time ( meanwhile we are on day two of setting my scrap room up and everything is still in boxes) He comes back with finished plywood and somewhat of a plan...several cuts later and lots of ingenuity We have the wood up for a brace, it's into beams and the first bracket is up and tightened and holding..we then go to install the bracket and realize the wire we had trimmed for the 2x4 frame is now too small ( by one inch) to fit across the wall! I do have to looks great and once I find the new wire for the last bracket it will be amazing...just like my husband!


  1. You do have one hell of a patient husband, mine would be still trying to get over the fact I wanted to use our bonus room as a scrap space. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. wow! you have the whole bonus room as a scrap space! nice! You have me thinking.....

  3. SO I hope you took pictures of this
    "painful"ordeal, as it is definately
    something you want to scrapbook, as believe it or not, you will laugh about it one day. Probably not for a very long time though!!LOL
    You both have a lot of patience and determination. I'm sure it will be
    a great room when all is done.
    Have a great week!