Monday, August 3, 2009

Part two of the Photo Challenge

Well I am taking a much needed break from packing...but only because we ran out of boxes and there is no where to buy more at 7pm on a holiday Monday. It's hard to believe that it's been 11 months in the making but tom morrow we finally get to move into our new house. I feel a little like a kid at Christmas. As much as I am ready for the change and am so glad to be out of renovation hell...I will miss this house. At nine years, it's the longest place that both Mike and Myself have ever lived. We both moved around a lot in our lives and and it was, of course, the first house we ever owned, the place we lived when Ashley was born. She has never known another home. But enough sentimentality...I should give you the instructions for the next half of the challenge.
Ok ...maybe it was a little sneaky of me to slip this one in. The second part of the challenge is to write 6 sentences to explain the significance of the close up photo. Once you have the journaling it's up to you to put it all together and create a page. Those can be submitted by next weekend and I will have a bigger prize...I think I have a new LYB stamp set around here in one of these boxes!
Wish me luck ..


  1. Have a great time in the new house! Hope the move goes smoothly.

  2. Oh good luck with the move Christy! You are done the worst part (the packing) - now for the fun part - unpacking in your new home.

  3. How exciting for you! Hope you are taking lots of pictures of the moving process.
    Have managed to take the two pictures for your challenge, but having a big adult pout about the journaling. I sooo hate that.
    If I just say, here is a close up picture because that's what Christy said to take, will that count as journaling!LOL
    All the best with the new house!