Thursday, September 24, 2009

Never Buy A Samsung Fridge!!!

...or you to will be frantically trying to find coolers to put your food in at 11pm on the eve of one of the most important nights of your life!!!

Ok...I guess I should start at the beginning. When we moved in 50 days ago to our lovely new house I was so excited to finally have an amazing fridge with the water/ice in the door, freezer on the bottom, french doors on the top. I proudly served water in my best glasses to my guest and inquiring if they would like crushed or cubed ice?....Let's face it, this fridge cost more then several of our first cars...combined! I did notice that the shelves did not sit straight, but passed that off with my delight in crushed ice.

24hrs later I heard a crash and rushed down stairs to discover that one of the shelves in the fridge had collapsed. First I think that the delivery/installation guy had just not secured it properly. I emptied the fridge and attempted to reinstall the shelf myself...I am a pretty handy and smart hard could this be? Much to my dismay I discovered that this was not an installation problem. No matter how I put it in every time I touched a shelf or tried to use the sliding out function it fell again.

So we phone Coast Appliances...They are going to call Samsung...Samsung calls...they are sending a tech...he will call us with a time...........days pass, we call Coast back. The girl is going on holidays for two weeks, She informs us we have to deal with Samsung ourseves or wait the two weeks for her to get back from vacation. We call Samsung.

Several days later UPS shows up with a box about the size of a small tv. Inside a box, inside 14 pounds of packing peanuts, is an 4" x 8" piece of glass...that no way resembles anything even remotely in our fridge, nor is it the problem. We phone Samsung. They are going to send a tech.

A week later another two boxes arrive UPS from Samsung...this time with electronic parts, LCD screens ( for a microwave?) and another piece of glass the same sizes with the word "top self " etched into it. ....There isn't any broken glass in the fridge!!!!

Mike Explodes!! ...and politely fires off an email to the manager of Coast....No reply. So he sent a second email to the District Manager who finally gets back to us and promises to fix this with in a few days. The manager then under the direction of the district manager relates to us that he is sorry our email got lost in his junk mail file...even my 12yr old knows to check that file for missed emails...maybe he needs kids?

Samsung sends an email with a schmatic drawing of the fridge...can we please let them know what shelves we need replaced????....we try yet again to explain the shelf is not broken!!! just won't stay in the fridge. Mike has a brain wave and takes pictures and sends them. A few emails later and the engineer is sending Mike instructions on how to fix our fridge...can he try?

That only makes it worse and Mike sends more photos....Samsung agree to send replacement shelves????? and a tech.

The parts are on back order so we have to wait for them before they will send the tech.

Tonight at 11pm I was sad to witness the complete death of our fridge. No Lights, no water, no crushed ice, no cooling.

So to this end... on a night before I have to be on TV at 8am the next morning and I am teaching with the most amazing team and still prepping classes to demo the next day. I am trying to save my groceries so I can feed my family....oh and did I mention Brittany is having her B-Day sleepover on Sat. Here's hoping I have a fridge by then!


  1. OMG! What a freakin' nightmare!!!! I hope it all gets fixed soon!

    And hey, you looked awesome on TV this morning, even through the embarassing conversation about your '80s jeans LOL!

  2. I left you a message about your fridge ... I have an extra in the garage ...... your welcome to store stuff here to help you out!

  3. What the heck happened to customer service!!!!

    I missed seeing you on TV but I'm sure that you looked great!