Thursday, October 29, 2009

Had a great it really already thursday?

I went to an amazing retreat at Stoney Nakoda Lodge this weekend, hosted by Debbie Pearce and Diana ( otherwise known as Debbie's sister) and whose last name I won't print out of respect for her. They did an amazing job! What a great group of girls we had there!...and I got to see the ever awesome Star Mercer! Missed you! and of course I went with a few of my friends Rose, Tracey, Diane, and Crystal. I even gt a little designing per pictures above! I have started to actually reproduce my own artwork into kits...making them truly one of a kind!
We also had our first set of inspections for the house...they fixed about 75% of the small issues we have found. I will have to wait for spring for the rest. Oh and I got a call from Samsung...can they send out a tech to fix my fridge so that when my new one comes they can resell the old one right away? HA!!!!


  1. Absolutely smashing layouts.
    Colours and papers are wonderful!
    Well done!

  2. It was AMAZING to see you too Christy!!! Can't wait to hook up again!!!