Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finally Unpacked My Workshop!

So last week Brittany succumbed to the dreaded H1N1 flu and was home sick for the week. She slept for 72 hours pretty much straight...though worried about her, I have to say I was grateful for a housebound week of quiet, and I finally managed to unpack my scrapbooking workshop space, amongst getting caught up on a few other chores. So many of you have been asking to see pics ....here they are.

These first three photos basically pan across the room from left to right...as you can see lots of windows!!

Here is a close up of my Giant "Clip It Up System" that Mike and I built if you can remember the post describing that craziness of that process, but I love the finish product! I love how flexible it is and that I have a display space included.

This is one of my favourite things...each box contains all my leftover chip letters of that letter. Makes finding letters so much easier! and it looks cute as well. (I also did this with my small chipboard pieces)

Brads, Buttons and more are stored in clear fishing tackle boxes and put on these great deep shelves from Ikea ( the Besta line), it also holds 12 x12 cases without the sticking out.

Most of my books are stored in these great Kids bookshelves from Pottery Barn, there a few years old but I love the accessibility!

My stamps are stored not by the set...I know all you Stampin Up Girls can yell at me later...but by the image type...word with word, flowers with flowers and so on...and so quick to find. I do have all my holiday and card ones in their sets in a bin if that makes you feel better

Glimmer Mist, and Stickles, my two favorite things right now!!!

Notice the basket of layout books on the table, in easy reach and easy to put away.

and lastly my favorite Magazine...in a spot of Honour...Canadian Scrapbooker!!

Speaking of Canadian Scrapbooker...Both the winter issue and the CS Basics 5 came out this week!! Check out my layout in the winter issue and 4 in the Basics issue!!!

In Honour of that I thought I would do a contest...

I need you most amazing storage ideas! So post your ideas in the comment Field and I will do a random draw for A copy of the Canadian Scrapbooker Basics 5! There is nothing basic about the amazing techniques in this book...I even learned a thing or two!


  1. Thanks for sharing your space Christy! Love it, all those windows - FABULOUS!

    Glad to hear Brittany is feeling better & hope all of you stay healthy.

  2. Never had a scrapping space in my home so no advice.. have to live vicariously through you and your photos.. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful scrap-space you have!!!! love it!!! I would LOVE to come shopping at "the store" I see in all those pictures (haha). My fave organizational tool is keeping tools that I use everyday (or every single time that I scrap)very close at hand. I have small vintage candy dishes and a larger (red) wooden toolbox that all sit on my desk and keep all my fave date stamps, black ink pads, journalling markers, stapler, journalling tags, ribbon, buttons, etc. VERY close. This has worked great for me and helps me to COMPLETE my layouts -- and not leave them un-journaled or waiting to be finished. Thanks for all the photos, Christy. Miss you like crazy!!!
    jill (signing w/ Daria's account -- haha -- ooops!)

  4. wowser what a fantastic space. what great storage ideas especially your giant "clip it up" wall! I have to admit that I am not organized in the least with my scrapbooking stuff but one thing I have done that is really working for me is to keep my acrylic stamps and ink and stamp cleaning pad and stamp cleaner all in one of those 12 x 12 clear containers. This has increased my stamp usage as I pull them out more now that I don't have to go searching for everything that goes with them.

  5. Wowsers girl!!!
    I am sooo jealous and so happy for you at the same time.
    What a gorgeous room you have.
    I really struggle at organizing, but mostly because of lack of space and too many systems started!
    I have resorted to stashing "stuff" under beds,in closets, etc. Not really organizing, just hiding stuff from the family! Congratulations on your World Of Warcraft layout.
    Well done! Jennifer

  6. Wow Christy, your new space looks Amazing!!! So inspirational!! I love it! Very inspiring and inviting:) I am so happy for you...

  7. Wow, Awesome space Christy! It looks like you have a lot of room! Very inspirational!!

  8. Love your room! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Alrighty... you have me INSPIRED!! I'm so going to steal a few ideas for my new scrap room!! Might just need to rig up my own long "Clip It Up" system like you... don't have as much space, but going vertical is a great plan!! So... is it still as clean as in the pictures?????