Friday, November 6, 2009

From the Monday Night Class Blog

SO I meant to post this now it's on both!

The Calm Before The Storm
So it's shortly after 7 am and if you know me you know I am not a morning person...yet today I find myself awake , alert and happy. Today is the day of the Jingle Bell Crop, and I suppose appropriately I feel a little like a kid at Christmas.

I often have conversations with others about the amount of work planning something this big is and how much work it is. I don't know maybe I was born with a planning gene. I remember orchestrating elaborate plays and games with the neighborhood kids as a child....and I definitely had an opinion at how we should we do every party and family dinner celebrations. I must have drove my Mother crazy!

I have even planned a few weddings, ( not of my own) and when I had my wedding we actually had a planning meeting with the bridal party and I delegated lists to them of things I needed them to do and what time they had to be where was typed out as a schedule...(OK so now as I put that in type I think I owe them an apology) this point I know that today will be filled with lot's of last minute details, but it will come together in the end. Why am I so calm?...well I have "rules"( that's for you Kim) for event planning that I follow that make me feel like I have done all I can.

Rule one: Visualize- Okay I know this sounds very new age , but before any event I walk through the event in my mind and actually see what I want it to look like, what I am going to need, all that stuff.

Rule Two: Write lists- I can definitely rock a good list, I usually do a list while I am visualizing, but other types of list are good as well, like a guest list and a to do list!

Rule Three: Delegate- No man ( or woman) is an island...ask for help, enlist a partner in crime, and if need be, hire someone.

Rule Four: On the day of the event, don't sweat the small stuff. No one is going to notice the things you forgot, or that the napkins aren't the color you planned them to be, but they are going to notice if you are a crazy lunatic, losing it on everyone.

Rule Five: Say thank you, a lot...over and over again. Gratitude is really important!

Rule Six: Book the next day off, we spend months planning but expect things to wrap themselves up. Clean up takes time and so does event detoxing!!

Rule Seven: Have fun!

Well I am off to get ready...see you all soon!


  1. Hope it is a blast!! Yuo are the uber planner, so it will be awesome of course. One day I hope to make it.

  2. Looking forward to the crop this weekend:) I am sure it will be awesome :)

  3. I am SO sad to be missing it... sigh. but sometimes you gotta put your BFF first...