Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays...

I love the term Happy Holidays because if your like me and running a little late it still really applies.
I had a pretty good Christmas, got a new HP photo printer from Mike and The Girls, it's very pretty and prints well too.

It's been an interesting Christmas and despite that it has included, a possible H1N1 flu, a bladder infection, a family shunning, an entire pan of beef drippings hitting the floor, untrained puppies, a Christmas eve computer emergency that had Mike working most of the night...( imagine set to the tune of a partridge in a pair tree) and more, I had some really great moments.

We celebrated Christmas Day with Rose and Al and their families and I had my first Ukrainian Christmas...I was told the tradition is to have 25 dishes of food or as many as you have of actually serving dishes in the house. Choice is amazing, and everything was so good.

Choice is good... I started to think about this in terms of scrapbooking. There has been a real trend in Scrapbooking, as our economic times change, to make the most of very little. Some how having more has become a sin. My good friend Kim made a pledge this last year to use only old things and not to buy anything new. When did it become a sin to have a choice? Why must we whisper and hide our new product? That's not to say I don't like to save money, and we should never use old stuff but we need to pull out the bags from under the bed ( you know who you are) and set everything out...then use it, buy more and use it, enjoy each purchase of pretty things and treasure it. Where else in our life can we buy something beautiful for under 5 dollars?

When our families ask "why?"...simply say, It's good to have a choice!


  1. Wow, I think you need to scrapbook and journal your entire Christmas Holiday. Seems like you had a few hurdles thrown into the normal
    "chaos" of family life!!LOL
    THanks for the good message about
    buying scrapbook goodies. I know if I smoked, that would be money thrown right out the window! That's why I don't feel so bad buying all the gorgeous items avaliable to "us" cardmakers and scrapbookers! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!

  2. Happy Holiday!!!!
    I totslly think the term is wonderful and still applies. I am just sending out my cards today!yikes, so behind. But your Christmas sounds like ours.seriously.way too funny.