Wednesday, January 20, 2010

24hrs to lift off....

So I leave for CHA in 24hrs...I am a little bummed as it looks like it's going to rain the whole time we are there. I thought it never rained in sunny California? least that's what the song says. ( damn now that's going to be stuck in my head for days!!)

If your down there come by the Westcot booth on Friday of the super show and Sunday and Tuesday of the regular show and say hi! For those of you not lucky enough to be coming don't worry I will be trying to get as many sneak peak photos as I can of all the great products!!

Here is a little video from a lunch that I was lucky enough to sneak in on last year. It was a little intimidating to be sitting in a room with all that talent!

1 comment:

  1. I bet you are sooo excited as you are now a seasoned veteran at this!LOL Graphic 45 has a giveaway
    everyday at 1:30, so can someone
    hang around that booth pleeeeeez!:)
    If not, are you at least allowed to take pictures. Their booth is always "WOWSERS". Maybe Allison
    can interview them too. OK,
    I'll try not to be anymore annoying
    for today. But I am definately stalking you gals. Have a great time! (Can you imagine how much I would drive you all nuts if I came with you!!!! :) )