Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunshine!, Creative Imaginations Preview Party and more!

Finally we have sunshine!! It was so nice and this was the view we woke up to outside our room this morning. So we decided to do a little off we went to the Supershow.

Here is a shot of Allison taking photos...she does that a lot!!

Krista and Allison making a Duct tape wallet!
And then tonight we were off to the Creative Imaginations Release party...check out what we saw...

This is for all my Bella and Edward fans...

This is the new IOD line...

Here I am doing a make and take...

Oh Allison - never tell her you can't do something! She is always getting into trouble!

She spent so much time getting in and out of trouble it wore her out!!

So now for today's question:
What is the most common theme you scrapbook?
the bonus question: How does Allison spell Scrapbook Pantry?


  1. I think I would have to say Christmas. I always do multiple pages for Christmas every year so I work on it quite a bit.

  2. Great pics Christy!

    I'd say my family - birthdays & just my kids!

  3. Answer to the bonus question: Scrapbook Panty!!!!

  4. You know the theme of my "scrapbook" LOL!! And I hope Allison isn't calling it the Scrapbook Panty!

  5. Wow--favorite holiday--well it's birthdays even though those aren't holidays. And she call is "scrapbook panty". LOL

  6. For sure, vacations. And Allison spells it "Scrapbook PantRy".

  7. Grandchildren...their the most fun and theirs something new everyday to scrapbook. Bonus Question answer: Scrapbook Panty...too funny

  8. First the easy answer! Allison spells it "Panty" Tee Hee

  9. My most common theme is Family. Family events, occasions, especially vacations. :)

  10. Tropical Vacations...I am almost caught up from our most recent trip.


  11. Outdoor boys are busy boys...

    LOL - and she spells it Scrapbook Panty LOL!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us all....

  12. Family..Grand children...and oh yes my puppies...!!!!!

    ...and now for the bonus ...Panty/PantRy

  13. Wow, I never knew Allison's battery every wore out!!!LOL
    Thanks for sharing all the photos.
    Love the row of bright balloons.
    I don't concentrate on any one theme, more, whenever I get an idea,
    I look for pictures that will work for my theme and layout idea... very backwards I know. Trying to adjust to all the scrapbooking 101 great ideas that I learned from you.
    Any photos from the Canadian company Upsy Daisy yet?
    Glad to hear you're all having such a great time!

  14. Family - birthdays, sports, vacations.

    Bonus question - Allison has been writing Panty, but hopefully she calls it PantRy.

  15. Family and summer time fun.

    Bonus:Scrapbook Panty.

  16. generally my kids -- either a special trait they have; or special event that has happened to them.
    ........ and Al spells it "PantRy....not Panty".
    looks like you're having a blast, girls -- totally j.e.a.l.o.u.s.!!

  17. I LOVE Halloween and have not run out of Halloween pics yet.

  18. I would have to say my husband's hobby Demolition Derby or my family.

    Bonus : Scrapbook PantRy

  19. me. only there are never enough pictures.

  20. the small/ordinary moments of life are what I usually scrapbook. Alison spells pantry - panty....heheheh

  21. Most common theme would be vacations, that is until I have some children to scrap about.

    Bonus question: PantRy

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  23. PS I love the new line from Creative Imaginations!!! It looks like you are all having a good time down there!!