Friday, February 5, 2010

Greetings from Cancun!!!

Our first hotel has High Speed!! It amazing how lost I feel with out Internet access. I am such a loser. ...but now I get to share a few photos...

This is the view from our private terrace...( HEEHEEE!!!) It's pretty amazing!

Ashley looking stylish at breakfast this morning!

The girls swimming in one of the many pools and Brittany tanning...Mike is off the edge of the picture standing guard!

The surf has been to rough to actually swim in the ocean...but they say it should calm down in about a day or so...something to do with the moon?

Yesterday we got to feed the wild iguanas that live all over the grounds on the of the planned kids activities that the Westin offers!


  1. Thanks for the pics...glad you and the girls are having fun....

  2. WOw!!Fabulous photos Christy!!
    Glad you're enjoying yourselves!

  3. Siggggh...... I can just imagine the sound of the waves and the feel of the sun. Hugs to B. We miss her. enjoy! Mrs. L.

  4. OMG Christy! Love the jealous!