Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The last of the CHA pics

I have been avoiding posting these because I would much rather look at the beach shots! Crop Tropical was amazing!!! I don't think it was possible to have had a better group of people, the Kids had such a great time and it was funny to see Brittany up and running out the door to meet the other kids for breakfast at 9 am. Even Mike relaxed and enjoyed his time away...he locked up his blackberry in the safe and didn't even look at it. I am not sure he even did that on our honeymoon! So before I post my layouts and pics from Mexico I wanted to finish up my CHA pics....
The big trends I saw this year were- Roses, Rulers and Altered Vintage Art. And if I had to pick a favourite line it would Melody Ross's line from GCD. In fact I think GCD was probably the best booth and products across all their lines.

Scrapbooking has really become about the message...everywhere you look you see uplifting and inspirational quotes...

Here are the GCD papers...YUMMY!!! Allison and I met this lovely girl..Heidi, she was hoot!! and very talented!

October Afternoon....

One of my fave companies...Fancy Pants, and not just because it's fun to say Fancy Pants!

This flocked!!!

Always glad to see great Canadian talent...Layout by Lieca Forest were everywhere!!

So that's the last of them...hope you enjoyed them! Next time I will share Allison's language barrier story with you from Mexico!!!

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