Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is how rumours start!!!

Crop for Kids this weekend was a blast... a prime example of what crazy mischief a group of creative types can get into. Jennifer Rowsell and Katherina Doyle, along with a few other trouble makers put their heads together and created the first ever Iron Scrapbooker Competition...much like the Food TV show Iron Chef, it drew it's inspiration from, this contest featured, two creative types battling for supremacy using a bucket of secret ingredients and a very short time limit. I was very curious when a few weeks ago Jen asked if I was up for a little fun at the crop and could I bring a basic tool kit...and not ask anymore questions. That should have been my first clue!!
The Competition was on...We hammed it up a little and Leica "tattoed" my arm with the unfilled prophecy of "Leica Wins", pinned on the table and at one point Glitter was flying everywhere...all that was before the scrapbooking even began. We were given a few pieces of card stock, A sheet and Half of pattern paper, and a bucket of what can best be described as recyclable materials.

From all of this we had to produce a two page layout, an ATC card, and a greeting card. We each got to choose a Soux Chef assistant. I chose Rose...she was most likely to be able to read my mind and couldn't quit MNC if I yelled her Chef Ramsey style!!

Leica choose the ever talented Kimberly Collis...Look at them tremble in their boots!!!

Each team is hard at work!!!

Here's a good shot of the glitter in my hair!!

I love this shot of Leica that Sandy Holmquest took...thanks Sandy for the use of the photos!

Here you can really really see all the glitter on my face...did I mention how sparkly I still am!!

So here are the finished products...Leica's ATC...
My ATC...Hers won...I love the window!!
Her layout.....

My Layout....Mine Won!!!
Her card.... PS: I love this unique!!My Card....My card won!!!
That makes me the IRON SCRAPBOOKER!! ( but I think it might have been by one vote)

Here are a few random pics from the rest of the amazing day.. BTW Jen you did an awesome job!! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of it!!

The day would not have been possible with out amazing volunteers...young and slightly less young!!

The funniest part of the day was the surprise that Kerri's friends had in store for her....they had hoped all of this would help her shop less and get more done....I don't think it worked, but nice effort guys!!


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  2. ok obviously we must have been blogging at the EXACT same time!!!! We must be on the same frequency. I admit defeat you rockstar!!!!!
    should we re-challenge at our Magazine retreat at bull River? this time no glitter. lol Love you girl!!!! your style is just fabulous.

  3. hilarious...... The pics are great. It was such a fun day.

  4. Super, super pictures!
    You guys were and are so much fun.
    Is there a Canadian Scrapbooker
    Idol to come from all of this!!Hmmm
    Thanks for posting all the pics!

  5. Awesome recap of the events. It was a couple more than one but it was definitely a tight race.

  6. OMG! Love the projects. Gorgeous!

    & love, love all your!!!

  7. I love it! You girls have a lot of fun. I'm going to remember this for our next crop here in Grande Prairie. :) Amazing layouts, by the way.