Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Floats, Warm cookies, and other good things!

It took me until today to recover from the weekend. Our annual Summer Scraptacular was it's usual amount of frivolity and free stuff, with a little scrapbooking thrown in!  I know I always say that it's like hanging out with a group of friends for the weekend , but each time just gets better and better. I really notice that June's crop is full of the real die hard Scrappers. Who else would spend one of the first sunny days we have had in a long while in a community hall, instead of the sunshine. Don't worry girls, Cindy and I were right there with you. For me the Scraptacular is like the big bang out party that marks the end of Crop season. It's the last hurrah of spending time gabbing with the girls, and creating to our hearts content...that is until next fall. Cindy went all out on the goodies as usual and even baked fresh warm cookies Saturday afternoon and served them with ice cream floats...perfection!!! Unfortunately I didn't get picks of them but I did get these:

Cindy said something in her thank you speech (which she hates giving...not the thank you part... the speech part) that really hit a cord with me. She was talking about how when we see an order come in we feel like we are entering into your lives...how true...I know many customers by name only and actually feel a little fond of each and every one...I know the ones that put off picking up orders for months at a time..or the ones who rush right in after the phone call...I notice when someone drops off for a few months and then suddenly reappears like a Friend back from a vacation. I have gotten to know many of our customers and each of you is like a bright spot in my life. I love knowing that I am bringing a little bit of creative escape and beauty into someones life... I imagine you finishing a kit and feeling that sense of accomplishment..and I feel proud to be a part of that. 

I think that is part of my WHY??

Lastly I don't want to miss out on letting you know that Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine featured one of our Kits in their latest webisode...I love it!!!

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  1. So sad I had to miss it.... sigh.... I'm sure everyone who was there had a magnificent time!

  2. We missed you...but I understand!! Next time!

  3. Thanks for another great event and Cindy's cookies were to die for!!! I must admit I did my part at clearing them out!!!!! I think Calgary has some of the most beautiful crafters... inside and out and I simply loved visiting with so many of them :)

  4. It was such a great time! We really enjoyed ourselves and got a lot accomplished...eating, chatting, shopping, scrapbooking etc. Looking forward to the Jingle Bell Crop in November!! Thanks for hosting a greast event!!

  5. The crop was awesome, food scrumptious and the classes exceptional.
    Well done all around Monday Night Class crew!!!
    Congratulations, as well, for being featured
    on the Canadian Scrapbooker Webisode.
    Should have bought that beautiful kit when I saw it!! Oh dang!
    Have a great summer ladies!