Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Somewhere in my journey I have discovered small little dreams in the back of my mind, things I have always wanted to do...write a book, organise intimate creative/ reflective retreats, do more painting ( I really let this one go over the last few years), have a gallery showing, produce and star in a series of webisodes...and the list goes on. All of these are things I know I can do, I have the bravery, the know how and even a few contacts....so why am I not doing these things? I just don't have the TIME.  Am Ithe only person who noticed that TIME is a four letter word!

The last few weeks have definitely been about Time ( no that is not a typo, it's Time with a capital T). Trying to take Time for me, Time for the girls, and Time for Mike....and of course finding Time to work, and getting it all done on Time. I just can't do it all...so then I realised I don't need to do it all....I can delegate.

I read somewhere that really effective people delegate...and really believe that....yet the super-control-freak-I-can-do-it-faster-and-better side has been slow to come around. Now the want-to-do-my-own-thing-side is dragging her to the curb and knocking some sense into her.

The other thing that has happened in the last few weeks is that Kim who handles MNC's blog and newsletter has had to take a step back to spend more Time with her family and her day job. Don't worry girls she is still designing for us, just not blogging for us anymore. All of this had led to my decision to hire an assistant.
 Now to clarify a few things, I do have a few girls who work for MNC, in a creative capacity, but what I really need is a different type of person.

So hear is where my story gets interesting...I sat down and made a list of all of the duties that I would need in an assistant and what kind of personality I would need...it goes something like this:

Seeking nurturing, calm, organized, no drama girl, to work in a crazy, messy, change direction in a moments notice environment with unpredictable, unfocused, overworked, overstressed artist type, who can be bossy, but is ever grateful and a lot of fun. Computer skills are necessary, you will be blogging, facebooking, emailing, and  formatting on a desktop publisher...you don't need training in any of these things but can't run screaming from the room if you see a computer. No Mac girls please...this is a PC shop as that is what our Tech guy is good at and he works for love.(mine not yours) The hours are unpredictable, some weeks more then others but are flexible as to time of day and much can be done at home if you have a PC. Scrapbooking skills are not necessary, but if you love product, bonus' may come in that format. You must be a self starter, tracker and mind reading skills would also help! Oh and you must like dogs and drive (the two things are not related). The pay is nominal but the rewards are great! Shop closes for December and most of the summer. Great for SAHM or retired person.

I really tried to narrow it down and make it simpler and sound more appealing...is a help wanted ad a little like a first date, you want to put your best foot forward? or should you be honest and spell it out like it is? As you can see I have never done this before.


  1. How about me? I am calm (as calm as a SAHM with two preschoolers can be), mostly organized, PC compatible, facebook poster, blogger and self starter. I'm working on my mind reading skills, and I also get a thrill from paper! Email me at erinandtrevor@shaw.ca. ~Erin Aumack

  2. That is very interesting and appealing to me!!!I would be interested in a few more details as to what would be expected. Please email me at gregnk@mts.net - Nikki

  3. You just described me but I live too far away! LOL If you are actually taking out a help wanted ad I would put 3 lines and then start interviews. You get a feel for someone when you start describing in person what all is involved. Good luck with this!!!

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  5. I love you description and I would be totally interested but i am in Edmonton. If i can still help give me a shout! yummy_mom (at)hotmail.com

  6. I wish you the best of luck finding someone. I'm in Calgary but I don't drive (yet). I'll pass this on to some folks I know.

    It'd be nice to meet some other scrappers who have little girls, all my current scrap-friends have boys. I have 1 boy, 2 girls (but the youngest is only 6 weeks old).

    Again, good luck in finding that assistant!

  7. OK, I'm just laughing! Love your ad!!!
    Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a whack of
    people who would love to work with you.
    You are so much fun, creative to boot, and
    can handle any challenge in a heartbeat!
    Wish I knew the computer!
    P.S. I'm hoping you are keeping track of all
    the twists and turns in your life for Your Book!:)

  8. i think it's best to lay it how as you really want it. it will appeal to the right person! good luck.

  9. Hmm, you have me piqued. I qualify on all counts plus I live in Calgary. Won't be able to talk more until I get back into town on July 17th unless you want to facebook me.

  10. What a coincidence! I just so happen to be moving to Calgary and would love a job such as this! :)
    I would love to hear more of the details. Feel free to email me at shine_your_lite@hotmail.com
    with more info.

    PS-I hone my mind reading skills just for you!

  11. SOunds kooky and wonderful! Wish I lived closer, hope your interviews go well today!