Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Am An Artist !!

Why is it when we are little we can come running into the room and exclaiming..."Look, aren't I a great artist?", but when we reach a certain age creating comes with an edge of shame, We never run into a room exclaiming "Look what I did!!" because we fear what others might think of us, are we showing off?, is what we have not good enough?...will others think I am crazy?... So here I am , facing my fear...I AM AN ARTIST!

So my first step, is embracing that...saying I am an artist and being an artist.

I love to create...but more importantly I love to help others create. I think I need to find  a way to spend more time doing that...scratch that, I NEED to spend more time doing that.

Now saying that, how do I find more time?

But that's the next question...

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Christy, let me know the answer when you find that out.
    l have given up ironing (why did l ever do that you might ask but its an aussie thing), cooked less, cleaned less, shopped less...and l still cant find enough time to really let the beast go in abandoment.
    Will wait to hear from you when you figure this out. Col