Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Scraptacular is close!

Well my eye twitch is back, but I am not really surprised. This weekend is our annual Summer Scraptacular, and I have been deep into preparations and well over my stress load. I always fret a little about planning and running a crop. It's not that I don't love doing it, because I do.

I have always been a planner/organizer. I was the weird kid who organized all the kids in the neighbourhood into giving elaborate plays or executing day long mini water war campaigns...back then they just called it bossy. But I have managed to turn those skills into a force for good, I don't usually get to worked up, my friends might disagree....but I do worry about things, silly right now my biggest stress is over what to serve with the sandwiches at lunch...I know I will have  a veggie tray, but what else??? My problem is that I  want to wow them at every turn...I love the details, but realistically, for a group of 60 ladies, and on a small budget, I can't do everything that is in my heart and mind. I always thought I would make a good employee for Disney...I am really detail oriented..and have amazing over the top ideas...but then the real world sets in.

So here I am this morning , blogging and thinking...what do I serve with lunch?

I am glad to have a bunch of help this morning to finish kitting the last bit of goodies. I don't know what I would do with out all the help. One thing I know I wouldn't be doing is sleeping!

On another note, Britt gets home from her exchange program today..I suspect she will talk for the first two hours straight and sleep for the following 12. The house has been really quiet with her gone....yet I really do miss her. Probably not as much as I should, but then again I am used to her being gone for chunks of time, when she stays with her Dad. The part I am looking forward to is her being happy to be home...the best thing for any teenager/parent relationship is time away from each other..because reuniting can least for a few hours!

BTW: the above layout is a Make and Take from the Summer Scraptacular Crop and is made from the BasicGrey Kioshi line. It has become one of my favourites!!

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