Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lot's to catch up on....

Well I am back from my vacation, I had ....well I sorta had a great time, if you rule out two nights of sleeping in the front seat of my car due to air mattress malfunctions, a bear encounter by my youngest, 8 billion bug bites, and the death of our favourite folding chair. ...but mostly it was great! We have to thank Al and Rose ( well mostly Rose) for inviting us up to their cabin in's a little piece of heaven! The girls had such a great time!

Camping after was fun too. We saw a huge amount of wildlife, some good, so not so good. I have never been more proud of Ashley and was amazed at her ability to think fast when needed to. Poor thing, I let her go to the bathroom ( only 4 campsites away) by herself one afternoon and was puzzled when a few minutes later I spied her running up the side of a the road ( so fast she was actually passing a car). As she got closer to me, she got faster and more frantic looking...until she reached me and collapsed into sobs!! Poor thing had gone around the corner of the bathroom to spot a bear...she remember what we told her and quietly backed away before it saw her and then turned tail and ran!! We were very blessed it didn't see her! As to say from that moment on no more going to the bathroom alone and loud singing was required along the path. Here are a few shots from our trip.

this shot was taken from our car...the picture was blurry as Mike was driving...but the bear was 3 feet from the edge of the road. CRAZY!!!

This week I am teaching like are few shots from my classes at Paper Pastimes yesterday...I am there everyday this week until Saturday and then I am part of the Christmas card class at The Scrapbook Pantry on Sunday. I know there are a few spots left in the Friday/Saturday classes at Paper Pastimes!

Here are two of the cards from the Paper Pastimes Classes using BasicGrey Kioshi line.

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