Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Something little, yet amazing to share with all of you...

I was recently pointed to this amazing website- http://www.bravegirlsclub.com/  by my good friend Allison, we were doing research on retreats and have both added attending one of these workshops to our bucket list. It's founded by Melodie Ross and her Sister. On this website was a little icon about their email list...I joined and have never been so happy with a decision in my life. 5 days a week I get sent to my inbox a little piece of inspiration, encouragement and love...all from someone I have never even met! So many times these words have been exactly what I need to hear that day, sometimes it is exactly what someone else in my life may need to hear. Today message is something I think everyone should hear, so I thought I would share...

Dear sparkling girl,

We all need more words of encouragement and less words of judgment.
We all need more hugs and less dirty looks.
We all need more congratulations and less guilt trips.
We all need more random acts of kindness and less time spent gossipping.
We all need to be loved more without conditions or expectations.....we all do.
Thank you for being the one who does it.....who loves unconditionally and spreads
joy and works in kindness and gives big encouraging hugs.....
You are changing your world and your life and everyone around you with each small
act.....you are a hero.....keep up the great work and keep passing it on.


I encourage you all to sign up for your own brave girls subscription...it's great to have a little positivity and love in your mail box every morning!


  1. totally love the Brave Girls!! i have been a subscriber for along time, love the little Perk up each day!!

    we need to get these sisters to Canada and see the lovely western side to hang out!!! Hugs

  2. So wonderful!!!! Thank-you so much for sharing!

  3. Tears!!! Isn't it amazing how these truths really can set us soaring like the birds :) So thankful we are becoming brave girls together (even if we haven't made it to one of her events... yet!)

  4. I love brave girls too Christy! I have been printing them off and placing them on my office door at work...and it perks up everyone there too!

  5. what sweet words- thanks for sharing that!