Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet summer days

I awoke the other morning to find Ashley had eeked out a spot in my craft room... sitting in the morning sun quietly crafting away. I love that the girls love this space as much as I do.

I have been slipping in time "out in the summer sun" between trying to do a little creative work in my room. I have been trying to spend a little time doing things to nourish my soul....this weekend Mike and I went to the farmers market...I LOVE the farmers market it always make me feel like cooking. I must look like a crazy women smelling tomatoes, and smiling away.

I did manage to prep a class for the Scrapbook Pantry in Calgary...It will be held on September 14th, and will cost $40. The finished project is a very elegant Halloween door/wall hanging that would be great on any door this fall. It uses the Halloween in Wonderland papers from Graphic 45.

It will be a great class, very technique driven, lots of ink, paint, and more....great intro to Mixed Media arts!


  1. Love the wall hanging, and that I'm not the only "weird" one at the markets! (cept I'm the one smelling and grinning ear to ear over the 12 different kinds of honey....Mmmmmmmm!)

  2. i love it that your girl wants to create in your space, and that you allow her. i'm sure she'll have fond memories of that when she grows up and it will help shape her into her she will become! :)