Thursday, August 26, 2010

So let's catch up...

I know you've seen this before...but I never get tired of looking at it!!

I don't know about you but early this morning a caught a faint whiff of something that smelled like fall in the air....I don't know why, it surely doesn't feel as much like fall as it usually does this time of year, in fact the last couple of days have been the nicest all month. Perhaps it is just that I am ready for the fall season. The girls are back in school, and work is starting to gear up and the anticipation of all that is to come in the next few months is filling my every waking hour.

I had a great summer, I took a lot of time to do nothing. In fact I took so much time there was a week there around late July that I think I might have slipped into a walking coma. I looked around my house today and it definitely is showing signs of a little neglect.

Last week, the fall issue of Canadian Scrapbooker magazine came out. It was my first issue as contributing writer, and my first cover layout. I have to confess that I get a small childlike "look what I did!" moment every time I walk by it in the scrapbook, as nonchalant as I might seem on the outside the girl inside me is peeing her pants with excitement. I love working with the girls from the magazine...they challenge me to be a better me (how many people can say that about their employer). A great example of that is the fun little dip I got to take into my art world when they asked if I would be interested in creating a cartoon for scrapbookers. It's all part of a segment called The Lighter Side.
Katherina keeps telling me that I am funny...
I am not sure how to take that? 
The segment even has a crossword...I am thinking how great it will be to sit and  do that at during one of the many upcoming moments of waiting for the kids. My favourite part of the magazine is tucked way in's the first of  my Designer Secrets articles....

Speaking of my Designer classes for the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival are filling up fast. I have had a lot of girls tell me that they desperately want to take my 6 week Scrapbook Design 101, they just don't know how they are going to get to a class once a week. That got me thinking...why don't I offer it as a web/online coarse. So I have been starting to put ideas together and am really excited that I might be able to do this. I can't think of anything more fun then having a class of girls that stretch across Canada. I will keep you updated on this as it develops over the next few weeks.

The other thing that happened this summer is that I hired an assistant. Her name is Nancy....I will introduce her better in a later post, but I am excited to get to work with her on the MNC blog, website, fanpage and so much more. I had so many applicants it was crazy and choosing was so hard. I wanted to hire each and everyone of them...I am not good at disappointing people and saying no. In fact I am definitely an "includer". I am the kind of girl that wants everyone to get along and be motto... always room for more! But Cindy pointed out that we could only afford to pay for one girl. :(


  1. You are funny but, in a good way ...... you bring a fun side into my life and I am so happy to be your friend .... and every time I see that cover ... I think 'I know that cover girl!' Keep up the amazing work as you inspire me to be more too!

  2. Love your layout on the cover and I would love to take online classes with Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine if that is planned for the future.

  3. Congratulations to you again! Love your layout
    and all of the articles you are involved in,
    in Canadian Scrapbooker. I also really enjoy reading your blog as you always tell a good story.
    ---and yes, you are funny, I can start laughing
    just watching you laugh!! It's all good! :)
    P.S. great news that you have a new helping hand!

  4. Hi Guys, thanks for the comments, Not sure if the class would be put on by CS ...more likely by just little old me. They are really great there and support us in any teaching we(the writers) might do!...and Jen, I am here to entertain!!

  5. Congratulations on being a covergirl!!! So exciting!!!

    I am so excited to start hanging with you part time and for working with you!!! Just wish my life would get back on track so I could!!