Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Christmas Card!

I thought I would share another Christmas card from my Christmas card day. This one uses a few of my favourite Stamp It sponge block!! Love this tool! and Karen Foster charm pin up brads. These little brads pack a lot of punch, letting you hang things from their loops. It's the most amazing little thing! The stamp is from Paper Pastimes and the frame is Tattered Angels.

I love this time of year, booking classes for the spring. I have some amazing events to tell you about in the next few weeks...but you will have to wait. I have to tell you I really suck at keeping secrets, not a great quality this time of year with presents and such. Not the big secrets, I can keep those, but little one I am not so good at. I just get to excited. I also think it stems from the fact that I am an open book as well. I am kinda a what you see is what you get girl....I think that is one part of my life I will have to keep working at!

Speaking of amazing things coming up I can give you a secret sneak peak into my favourite new project for the new year....

January 2011- Scrapbook Design 101 web course!!!

This project is a little like giving birth...It has taken months of gestation, I am nervous as heck about it and is going to be a huge learning curve for me!!!

 I love teaching this coarse. It is so rewarding for me...and not just because I have an audience of captured souls who listen to me talk for hours, but because I like to think each girl comes away with something that makes her feel proud to be a scrapbooker....and of course 6 finished layouts....but I have been trying to translate it into written word/ pictures /content that will be amusing, entertaining and enlightening. I have told you before that I have never pictured myself as a writer...and before Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine I might not have taken this on...but I am taking the leap...hope at least a few people will join me. I will posting more info and when and how to sign up very soon!!  

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  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge on the web course. I am looking forward to what you come up with.