Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First of December....and maybe a little TMI

Let's start off today with another Christmas card.This one is inspired by mixed media techniques. It is very fitting that I pick this card for today....
To explain let me tell you about my last 24 hrs...Mike has been away and I have been doing the single parent thing. So on top off a crazy week of planning for the spring, I have been doing double parent duty. There was a time where I was very effective at this, but I have to admit that I have grown very dependant on having two parents in the house. I feel I need to clarify that I am far from a great parent. I am more then sure that our kids are going to need years of therapy as adults to overcome whatever trauma I have subjected them to. I do love them dearly, but I feel it's just a victory to keep them alive some days. Yesterday was definitely one of those days!

 I left my house shortly before 8 am yesterday to get those little darlings off to school....and I had a crazy day of work related errands to run. I am deeply immersed in planning my classes for the up coming season.

Now those of you who know me ...know that despite my inability to stop myself from blurting out nonsense at inopportune moments...I am very deliberative in what projects, classes, and such that I take on. I try to teach things that people want, but more importantly what I am passionate about. Well, I have always had a huge love affair with paint and have recently dove head first in to mixed media art. ( I promise there is a point to this story...just bear with me) Now, when I am in full-on like this I can be a little one mined or tunneled visioned and I become like a new lover, never wanting to leave the side of my new paramour. Yesterday I was deep into research and planning when I noticed that I was feeling a little nausea....but thinking that I had just forgot to eat (remember the tunnel vision thing) I stopped to grab a croissant and a hot tea. Soon I was sitting in a deep and wonderful meeting with Carol from Paper Pastimes planing how I was going to bring this new/old love affair and make it into an amazing class, I was suddenly hit with the most gripping stomach cramps....but ever the optimist I still ignored it!

A few hours later, finishing my meetings, picking up kids and carpool and such I arrived home. At this point I thought perhaps I had eaten a small rodent it was gnawing away at my insides.  All I wanted to do was take some Imodium, and crawl into bed...BUT alas I had a a fabulous night I was meeting the girls who were helping Jennifer Rowsell with her amazing event Crop For Kids.  Why was a felling so crappy??? then I realised that in my single parent smartitude I had grabbed dinner at the local fast food place the night before...a treat to bribe the children into submission, and I must be suffering from a mild case of food poisoning or just that my body is not used to eating such "fine" cuisine.

None the less I left Brittany in charge, let her order Pizza ( I know...good mom hey?) and went to my meeting thinking if I can make it there with out getting sick then that was a sign I was supposed to go. We went to Earls ( I LOVE EARLS) and I ordered my favourite salad, and picked at it....Spent a good portion of the night in the washroom....I was trying so hard to focus on the event and to have a great time with my friends...and I felt awful, like I might die...and them Brittany started calling and Ashley was crying and they were fighting...when was I coming home??? I felt like I was a character in a movie...Seriously what else could go wrong? Well, when I got out my dinner meeting and called my daughter back I found out. She had called her Dad, my ex, over because obviously" I didn't care about her". I am paraphrasing her now. All I can think is "Mike's plane lands at 11:30 pm. I only need to make it a few more hours.  I barely made it home,without having to pull over, thanked my Ex, let Brittany scream at me ..through the bathroom door as I was getting sick. Then.... Mike was home, he tucked me into bed and told me to take it easy today.

The world is a better place with someone you love on your side. You can conquer food poisoning, teen age girl drama, and everything else!!

SO what does that have to do with my card, well I spent the morning in bed watching mixed media demos on YouTube and reading some of my favourite art books, and everything is is the "DEEP PART".

Mixed media art is a little like my day yesterday...

You start with a blank canvas, you add bits and pieces of unrelated things, some of it just scraps, some precious finds....and you keep adding layers, at one point things look like they might get ugly... then each one makes it better or more interesting until you add the one last thing that makes it finished and perfect. Kinda like my day yesterday!


  1. Sorry to hear that you were feeling so crappy. You did however, downplay this last night saying 'your tummy seemed off'. Hope today is a better day.

  2. what a fantastic story.. i am sure glad you are feeling better!!

  3. I'm with Shannon on this one!! I did not realize that you were that sick yesterday and would have insisted that we let you go earlier (cuz we just knew how anxious you were to get home to the girls!!!!!). Sorry to hear it was so bad, but great to hear you got to get some TLC by the end of it!!! Hope you are feeling better soon :)

  4. Oh Christy, only you could motor on through all of that and still tell us your story
    with a smidgen of humour tossed in.
    So hoping that is the end to the sickness in your
    family for a very long time!!!

  5. Awe! Hope today you are feeling better. Although this was a great story to read with my morning coffee. I guess this is what I have to look forward to when my kids get older!

  6. YIKES!! What a day!! I hope you're feeling better!!!

    Let me know if you need time from me at all.... I've got a little to spare!

  7. Thank you all for comments I am feeling much better today!!! And I had agreat cuddle with the girls last all is good!!