Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am going to Scrapfest!!!

I was so excited this year to be chosen as an instructor for Scrapfest in Kitchner!!!

I will be teaching two classes... One is my Designer Secrets class, filled with great ideas that will elevate your scrapbooking to a whole new level. The other class I am teach in is a great mixed media class.

I feel so blessed to be teaching along side some of my favourite peeps like Cathie Allen, and Sue Sykes.... and I am just loving working with Lisa Sales Furtney the organizer and her great staff. They seeem like they are going to be alot of fun!!


  1. proud for you. Miss U.

  2. Huge, Huge congratulations to you! You will have
    such an amazing time surrounded by such talent and wonderful personalities ---including yourself!
    There's no stopping you now! LOL

  3. Oh I so wish I could take your mixed media class!

  4. oh, that looks so fun! how cool that you're teaching two classes. i would love the mixed media one!!