Friday, January 7, 2011

Upcoming classes...and a winner of the Design 101 webcourse!!

Oh, I have been soooooo busy creating classes and  finally today I can share a few of them with you... there will be more to come...but for now.

First!  For those of you who live in Calgary I have been persuaded to run an "in person" Design 101 class Tuesday afternoon and evenings for details on this check out the blog at

Registration for THE GREAT CANADIAN SCRAPBOOK CARNIVAL in Victoria and Abbotsford opened are two of three classes I am teaching

to register for these classes go to

and last but not least I have spent weeks planning this amazing Mixed Media book of techniques that I will be teaching at Paper Pastimes

these are the pages to the book which is a 5 week class, where you make the pages and assemble the book. It is all inky messy fun!!!
For more info on this class go to:

and lastly what you have all been waiting for........

AND THE WINNER IS: by random drawing ( I swear)
JULIE GILES!!! ( Julie I need your email address)

but wait... I only need two more comments and I can give away another free tuition!!


  1. I've had lots of wonderful Christmas gifts over the years. One of the ones that stands out was a small desk I received from my parents when I was about 10 years old. I still have that old desk. Another surprise was snowshoes which proved lots of fun for me as a teenager. Lots of good memories.! Darla

  2. Wow!! Those look like some fantastic classes!!!!

  3. Yipee, I am so excited! Thank you so much, I can absolutely use the help! Can't wait for the class, I will send you a message!

  4. Christy, your class looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The web class looks fantastic and I love the mixed media canvas!

  6. i know you said you only needed two more comments and i am comment 6 but i just had to say i LOVE that album. i so wish i was attending!!! i am now going to head on over to paper past times to check things out!!

  7. wow - gotta sign up for that class, will be calling paper pastimes this week to see if there is still room!!