Monday, February 7, 2011

One last post about CHA!

Today is all about paper and stickers....

I love paper and these are some of my favourites

With teen and pre-teen daughters I am always looking for funky paper and I love this line by BOBUNNY

Another favorite stand by of mine is BASICGREY these two new lines

because I love the name!!!

and because I love a good birthday line like this filled with some great generic patterns.

and even more fun from FANCY PANTS
Check out this layout on there website with pictures of the full line!!

And of course one of my new favourites is Girls Paperie, I couldn't find picture of their papers but look at the stickers !!!

SO this is the last question on my blog...but don't forget to check out Allison's Blog

Time to confess your most embarrassing scrapbook habit...
Mine: I often buy product because I love the name of the line or the company...come on... who doesn't like to say "Fancy Pants"...
What is yours?

I am sure there is a ton of more amazing products that I will lament over missing in the upcoming months but I have to say I have had a blast checking out what is coming and what I could find online....nothing beats being their in person but this was a great second.


  1. I buy fun pretty things, and forget that I have them! sometimes I find them by accident!!! I guess it's embarrassing but kind of fun to find stuff whe you don't expect it lol!!

  2. Well, this isn't toooo bad I don't think.
    I buy magazines that I already own- explanation:
    I get them home, (sneak them in the house actually),
    then hide them under the bed in their original shopping bag... , and then I forget I
    have them ....and then I start the process all over again.
    Actually, this routine has gotten me into trouble with paper as well. :) :(

  3. at a crop my first layout usually takes 5 to 7 hrs to complete and I can't get mojo until my table is full of supplies piled up around the layout i'm working on. If I stop and clean then I have to start all over again.

  4. I buy I don't know how to use, tools I can't remember what to use them for, tools I can't remember to use when I could use them...because I don't know what they are for. I'm a tool junkie

  5. I suppose it would be that if I really love a product, I buy multiple copies of it. We are not talking flowers, brads or different colors of the same thing. We are talking the exact same thing--usually a travel related embellishment. Some I have bought three times! Guess I REALLY love it.

  6. Hmmm...I guess I could say I am bad at cleaning up...especially paint brushes! I leave the water in the jar until, the water either evaporates or smells funky. So yup, I would say that would be pretty embarrassing!

  7. I buy cause I have to have then don't have time to create and then the next have to have thing is out and I have to buy ..... quite a circle!

  8. My most embarrasing habit, is buying my girls' outfits PURPOSELY to match my favorite paper packs!!!!hehe....then I don't have to think too hard about colour/pattern/coordinating lol...orrrrrrr visa versa, If I find paper that matches an outfit, I HAVE to have it!!! This self-proclaimed tomboy just stepped up to girlyhood!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing all your CHA favourites. I don't buy glue dots, instead I just cut up bits of cardboard when I want to create layers. Figure what isn't seen can be saved on...

  10. My most embarrassing habit would be that I often buy multiples of the same embellishment. Never on purpose, never at the same time. I just see it in the stores and have to have it, not remembering that I already own it! Sheesh. Some of them I now own three sets of!

  11. I don't know if this is necessarily that embarrassing, although I do hide this from most people: I don't usually let others know how many scrapbook layouts I have created in, let's say, a week. I feel like people will think I scrapbook all day (and not look after my family, clean my house, bake, etc.). Really......I only scrap a few hours/day -- sometimes only a few hours/week......but I'm a quick scrapper. It just looks bad.
    Thanks for sharing your CHA greats, Christy!!!

  12. Looking from the other comments I guess I am not the only one but I will buy embellishments that I already have! Oops!

  13. I fall into the group that buys items I already have. Guess I have lots of company!

  14. I am very much an impulse shopper. I buy paper and embellishments thinking they will get used right away, but they end up sitting in my stash for months.

    Allison M.

  15. I buy stuff that is on sale, because I'm so frugal, and then it doesn't match any of my stuff and ends up sitting forever in my craft supplies. UGH!!!! Is this really saving me money????(need to donate to Allison's garage sale, me-thinks)

  16. I always pack way too many supplies when I go to a crop and end up not using it.

  17. I love to buy. I don't need anything. I'm sure of it, but I keep collecting. I think it's half the fun of the hobby!